Fun! A Secret New Manga Edition

Sep 23, 2019

I’ve just realized a new manga edition of The Secret Beneath the Veil came out last Sunday. Yes, it was even a secret from me!

This romance has one of the most dramatic openings I’ve ever written. Viveka takes her sister’s place at her arranged-marriage wedding. When the veil comes up, Mikolas realizes he’s been tricked. Viveka runs away to a waiting boat, but falls into the water and gets weighed down by her dress! Hold your breath, hold your breath… (Spoiler: Mikolas jumps in to save her.) Then a bunch of other stuff happens including sexy times.

How did this book come about without my knowledge? It just does. Amid the author-ly halls of forums and online chat groups, there’s always much debate about which is better, indie-publishing or traditional. I’ve done both and there are great things to be said about self-publishing, but I cannot express enough how much I love the team at Harlequin Mills & Boon for simply doing the work behind the scenes in making new versions of my books available. Especially mangas. The artwork is always so gorgeous!

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