Last Chance – Enter Today

Apr 10, 2019

I’m actually in three multi-author giveaways right now, but the BookSweeps one closes today (April 10th)!

This one is for lovers of steamy romance. First prize is an eReader plus thirty-five books, including my erotic romance Mastering Her Role!

Fun Fact: you can browse and download a selection of free reads just for entering.

Click on the image or visit: BookSweeps Steamy Romance Giveaway.

Since we’re here, I’ll mention the two ProlificWorks giveaways as well. In these ones, you get whichever book you like, but you have to subscribe to the author’s newsletter. You can opt out of most of them and unsubscribe later if you want.

Browse the Springtime Read-a-thon here.

Browse the Nascent Love giveaway here.

Happy Reading!

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