Cover Reveal – The Maid’s Spanish Secret UK

Apr 8, 2019

Happy Monday!

My week has started with a cover for the UK version of The Maid’s Spanish Secret. Doesn’t Rico look suitably salty about past betrayals?

He is very dismayed. And when he learns that not only did his now dead wife cheat on him and use him, the one woman who had seemed a sweet light in an otherwise dark life kept his child from him.

Poppy felt used herself. Rico’s engagement had shattered like the priceless vase his fiancee had smashed as she left him. She and Rico had been commiserating and one thing led to another, but by the time she realized was pregnant, he was married. She’s been thinking about tell him, but had good reasons to put it off.

When he shows up on her doorstep, however, everything changes.

The Maid’s Spanish Secret comes out in August, but if you happen to be suffering the Monday Morning Blues and need something to distract you at your desk… Start reading here.

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