My 45th Harlequin! How did that happen?

Aug 1, 2021

My 45th book with Harlequin published on their site today!

I’m kind of astonished. Back when I was dreaming of writing for Harlequin, all I wanted was to publish one book with them. I didn’t project to ever having so many titles and it’s kind of surreal.

It’s all thanks to you, dedicated reader and fan of romance, for buying my books and writing your encouraging notes to me.

I tend to get lost in the daily struggle for word count. (I’m currently wrestling book #47 and it has me pinned. I’m pretty sure it’s the one that will end my career, which is how I feel about nearly all of them at the 30K mark.)

But when I have a moment to come up for air and realize where I am at, and can celebrate with you, I’m ever so grateful for this wonderful career you’ve helped me achieve! Thank you!

Now, I should probably tell you a little about this actual book. It’s the second in my Secret Sisters duet, about a pair of identical twins separated at birth who discover their biological mother was actually a Bollywood superstar.

Here’s the blurb for Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion:

He can’t turn her away, and it has nothing to do with the media storm outside his penthouse!

She left him.

That doesn’t mean she’s forgotten him.

When paparazzi mistake Nina Menendez for a supermodel, she takes refuge in her ex’s New York penthouse. Big mistake. Guarded Reve Weston is incapable of emotional intimacy—and is intensely seductive…

Reve has had enough of scandal. To keep his name out of the tabloids, he insists Nina stay with him. But as their spark reignites and she shares the mysteries of her past, Reve realizes his cynicism has a downside. If he can’t give Nina the fairy tale she dreams of, he’ll have to let her go…for good!

Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion is available on Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK today.

Be sure to look for Book One in this duet, Married for One Reason Only, on shelves and available at your favourite online retailer now.

Convenient vows…

…for their baby’s sake!

His brief was simple: confirm whether model Oriel Cuvier is the secret daughter of a Bollywood legend. But when billionaire security specialist Vijay Sahir locks eyes with Oriel, all thoughts of work disappear—leading to a few stolen hours where all rules are broken…

Weeks later, Oriel gets two life-changing surprises. First, the truth about her birth mother. Second, she’s pregnant with Vijay’s child! He demands marriage, but can she really promise to honor and cherish him when, until now, all they’ve shared is one extraordinary encounter?

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