Sorry not sorry – Super Sexy Cover Reveal

Aug 27, 2021

I just saw the cover for One Snowbound New Year’s Night and I will apologize now for the fact that your eyes are going to fall straight out of your head, it’s so sweet and sexy.

Donovan “Van” Scott is my Canadian hero who falls for Aussie Rebecca Matthews. They have a whirlwind marriage, but things go off the rails while he’s away competing in Alpine Skiing at the Olympics. They’ve accidentally-on-purpose met at their dream home in Whistler four years later and they have one night before their divorce is final.

If you’ve ever watched a movie or read a book where you were going nuts because you wanted the couple to just sit down and talk things out, well, this is your dream come true! They are snowbound and can’t get away from all those awkward conversations they side-stepped in the past. It all comes out and it all comes down to being vulnerable. I hope you love it! (When it comes out in January. Sorry!)

Here’s the back cover copy:

Their last night as husband and wife, or the beginning of something new?

Their New Year’s Eve reunion…
…could make or break their marriage!

Rebecca Matthews has one New Year’s resolution: divorce Donovan Scott. So being snowbound with him at his mountain mansion is not part of the plan. Especially when it’s clear the sizzling chemistry that led to their elopement is still very much alive!

Van wants to know the real reason Becca left—it’s clear there’s more to tell. With only twenty-four hours before the snowstorm clears, it’s time for them to gain some much-needed closure. That’s if, of course, they can resist a final explosive encounter…

USA TODAY bestselling author Dani Collins delights with this passionate forced-proximity romance.

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