Price Drop! Get Beauty and Her One-Night Baby for 1.99 today!

May 1, 2023

Good news! Beauty and Her One-Night Baby will be price-dropped in North America to $1.99 for the month of May.

Loosely based on Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and Her One-Night Baby has Scarlett working for a Not Very Nice Man. She accidentally has a torrid one-night-stand with his son, Javiero. She hides her pregnancy until her boss dies and goes into labor on Page One. This is the opening few lines:

Her water broke.

Horrified, Scarlett Walker hoped if she didn’t look, it wouldn’t be true. She stared at the hook on the back of the stall door where her handbag hung and prayed she was wrong.

She knew what had happened, though. There was no mistaking such an event and no, no, nooo. This was supposed to happen next week, at the island villa that had been her home for the last six years. Or last week, when she’d been sitting vigil at her employer’s bedside. Anytime but today.

Not now. Please not now.

And wouldn’t you know who shows up to save her? Yup. Javiero. He’s been having a hard time, what with being attacked by a jaguar and losing his fiancée. He is not pleased that Scarlett has been keeping such a secret.

Grab this one while it’s on sale. You’ll find all the buy links here.


FUN FACT: Beauty and Her One-Night Baby is Book Two in my Feuding Billionaire Brothers duet. They stand alone so you don’t have to read Book One, but if you’d like to, it’s called A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him.

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