Two covers too glamorous for Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion

Apr 24, 2021

Talk about setting a mood!

I’m in love with these covers for Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion, in which Nina takes refuge with the man who broke her heart.

He can’t turn her away, and it has nothing to do with the media storm outside his penthouse!

She left him.

That doesn’t mean she’s forgotten him.

When paparazzi mistake Nina Menendez for a supermodel, she takes refuge in her ex’s New York penthouse. Big mistake. Guarded Reve Weston is incapable of emotional intimacy—and is intensely seductive…

Reve has had enough of scandal. To keep his name out of the tabloids, he insists Nina stay with him. But as their spark reignites and she shares the mysteries of her past, Reve realizes if he can’t give Nina the fairy tale she dreams of, he’ll have to let her go…for good!

Be sure to look for Married for One Reason Only, Book One in the Secret Sisters duet, where Oriel discovers she’s the secret daughter of a Bollywood superstar–and she has a twin?

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