Connection: Seasonal Shorts

When I wrote Cruel Summer, I knew that I should do all four seasons. Time and an inability to think of a really good title for ‘Fall’ or Autumn has held me back from finishing these.

Blessed Winter

This is the book that Glory writes in On The Edge. You receive it with On The Edge.

“I never saw myself playing father to some rock-god’s baby.”

After his brief engagement falls apart with his holiday plans, Brock is alone in Tahoe on Christmas Eve—until he bumps into the sexy waitress who ghosted him after their hot weekend last spring. And that’s quite a bump she’s sporting. Some quick math convinces him the baby is his.

Pandora’s rebound affair with Brock might have turned into something far more profound if she hadn’t turned up pregnant with her ex’s baby. She has always been on her own and is braced for parenthood to be the same.

When the town is booked out, however, and Brock has to spend the night in her apartment, she discovers she doesn’t have to spend Christmas alone. Brock plays Santa, then midwife. Could he take on the role of ‘husband’ and ‘father’ as well?

Fun Fact: Blessed Winter is a loosely connected sequel to Cruel Summer, the book you receive when you sign up for my newsletter. Blessed Winter is written by Glory Cormer, the heroine of On The Edge. Blessed Winter is a book within a book, not sold separately.

Cruel Summer

Burning alive in old flames…

As maid-of-honor, Chelsea Parks joins the wedding party at the bride’s California beach house—where she’s thrown together with her old crush, Gavin Fairfield.

Gavin knows he broke Chelsea’s heart, but they were too young for forever. The heat is still there, though. They might even succumb to a fling for old time’s sake, but lasting relationship aren’t built on a weekend of nostalgia. Are they?

Fun Fact: If you enjoyed this story and would like to read the sequel about the best man, Brock, his story Blessed Winter is written by my heroine, Glory Cormer, in On The Edge.