FAQ Category: New to Dani?

Hungry for some bite-sized historical erotica?

Dare to devour Aphrodite in Bloom, an anthology of twelve super-spicy short historical stories from sweetly romantic to sublimely taboo. All the stories in this collection are written by Dani Collins under the by Anonymous pen name. So are all the stories in the companion novel, Fetish.

While not all the stories in these collections are romances, they all definitely have happy endings.

Searching for a Secret Baby with a twist?

What if the baby is so secret, a surrogate carries it?

In The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby, Sasha’s best friend Molly carries her baby. There’s more than one secret in this one because Sasha also pretends she has amnesia because her marriage to Rafael is that broken.

If you like to read in order, pick up The Baby His Secretary Carries, which is Molly’s story–where she keeps her pregnancy secret from her boss/crush, Gio, until he persuades her into pretending to be his fiancee!

Are you wild about weddings gone wrong?

How about four of them?

All the books in my Four Weddings and a Baby quartet stand alone, but they all revolve around the same disastrous wedding when the groom discovers he has a baby with another woman.

(If you like to read in order, start with Cinderella’s Secret Baby)

Abandoned at the altar, Eden does the only thing she can do. She runs away with best man Remy!

Remy hasn’t stopped thinking about the woman he kissed five years ago. A family feud makes a future with her impossible and now she’s about to marry his best friend. When she’s left at the altar, they seize the chance for a passionate night on what should have been her honeymoon and it changes everything.

Read the opening to Wedding Night With the Wrong Billionaire here.

Fun fact: Wedding Night With the Wrong Billionaire is my 50th Harlequin title!

Hungry for a hunky Canadian Hero?

Check out Donovan Scott in One Snowbound New Year’s Night. He and his Australian wife, Becca, are made for one another, but their quicky marriage crashed and burned.

Their divorce is about to finalize, but they get snowed in at their Whistler mansion over New Year’s Eve. No more running away from their problems. They have to face them head on. Oh, and yeah, they still can’t keep their hands of each other.

Do you like your HEA to be inspired by a Fairy Tale?

Me too! So far I’ve covered three fairy tales. If Cinderella is your jam, check out Cinderella’s Royal Seduction where Sopi is treated. horribly by her stepsisters only to wind up married to a prince. Spoiler alert: She sure shows them!

If you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast, check out Beauty and Her One-Night Baby. Javiero has been attacked by a jaguar and has a lot of darkness inside him that only Scarlett can heal.

Do you love the transformation of the ugly duckling into a swan? In Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace, Hannah Meeks has never felt pretty, but she’s determined to have the family she always dreamed of. When the clinic mixes up her sample, she learns she’s carrying a dead prince’s baby. She’s pressed into marrying his brother, Akin, who ultimately makes her realize she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

Bored with Billionaires? Try a Trillionaire!

Billionaires are so yesterday…

Gabriel Dean becomes the world’s first trillionaire when he inherits his grandmother’s fortune. He already has one of everything, but when he arrives in Singapore to take possession of the assets, he discovers Luli among them.

Luli is a beautiful, destitute, extremely sheltered computer coder. Despite having no money, no passport and no experience with men, Luli gets the better of Gabriel–until he realizes his grandmother expected them to marry.

This is a sexy, sometimes funny marriage of convenience romance with a first class ticket to over-the-top luxury. Start reading here.

Do you prefer sweet and wholesome?

Perfect for the whole family

High school sweethearts Kristen and Finn accidentally reunite at Mistletoe Chalet while helping a tween plan a secret vow renewal for her parents. It’s cute and quirky, brims with love and warmth and holiday cheer.

You can share this one with your grandmother or your own preteen or anyone in between. Enjoy!

And now for something completely different…

Are you looking for something a little different?

How about a medieval epic fantasy? If you like to immerse in another world that feels a little dystopian, a little highland warrior, a little paranormal, then check out The Healer.

It’s sexy, has a lot of family secrets, political intrigue and a love that is legendary. When it comes to my backlist, it’s one-of-a-kind, but let me know if you love it. I might be moved to set another book in Kerfdom.

(And be sure to check out my Extras page for a map and character guide.)

Do you love a deep dive into longer stories?

Sometimes size matters (*wink*)

If you’re big on longer stories full of community and characters with flawed family dynamics and lives that include kids and seniors, check out my Secret Dreams duet.

Not in her Wildest Dreams and Only in his Sweetest Dreams offer humour, well-developed secondary characters, rich subplot romances, maybe a bit of larceny or other crimes, and definitely the sexy core romance and complex emotions I offer in all my books.