On The Edge hits eReaders today!

Jan 16, 2018

It’s launch day for On The Edge. Hooray!

When I began writing On The Edge, I knew I wanted Glory to be a romance writer, but in the closet about her aspiration. She’s the daughter of a famous romance author and manages her late mother’s literary estate to provide her father an income. However, along with family issues, she has personal baggage that makes her hesitant to show anyone her work. Worst of all, since her mother’s death, she’s been suffering writer’s block.

All of that changes when she arrives at Blue Spruce Lodge in Montana. She starts hearing her imaginary friends after a long while and it’s the first steps from grief toward the person she is meant to become.

If you want a peek inside a writer’s mind, here you go. Glory has characters show up out of the blue and has to wait and listen while they fill in the details that build out their story.

In fact, I included the manuscript she works on each time she sits down to write. Within the pages of On The Edge, you’ll read what becomes Glory’s debut book, Blessed Winter. It’s a book within a book. Kind of like a subplot, but it takes place in Tahoe with a hero she bases on Rolf.

Rolf is my edgiest, most arrogant hero yet. He’s a gold-medal alpine champion, very focused and motivated by self-interest. I wanted him to be the iconic, controlling alpha that every romance author loves to make fall hard for the most unlikely heroine, but only after she has every reason to hate him. Everything comes easy to him, but he has to work for Glory’s heart and he does.

I hope you enjoy watching Rolf, the champion, go after a new type of ‘Glory,’ while Glory figures out how to write her own story, finding her hero in Rolf along the way.

Fun fact: Blessed Winter is the long-awaited sequel to Cruel Summer, the book you receive when you subscribe to my newsletter.

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