Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal Releases Today!

Apr 1, 2019

Rozi heads to Budapest in search of her grandmother’s heirloom earring only to wind up in billionaire Viktor’s arms. He’s the rightful owner of the earring–or so he thinks. Soon the earring is stolen, family secrets are out of the closet, and a baby is on the way. Can this lost pair ever be united?

There’s been lots of love over on Goodreads for Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal including fun reviews like Owlways Reading’s:

“Oh my goodness… I love this book! I think I just OD’d on feels…”

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Fun Fact: Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal is Book Two in my lost earring (Barsi on Fifth) duet. If you missed the first book, it’s called A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire.

Another Fun Fact: this duet has three stories! Watch for Ben Barsi’s romance in Innocent’s Pregnancy Revelation, coming Apr 22 as a free online read at

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