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Love In Montana Favorite Quotes

He definitely couldn’t hire her. She was way too pretty. Pretty enough to be an actress and definitely too pretty to be a nanny.
– Quincy Ryan, His Christmas Miracle

Was he judging her? Was she supposed to grieve longer and be too broken to return to where her husband had been killed doing his job?
– Jacqui, Scorch

“I don’t need a job. I have a blog.”
– Sebastian Bloom, His Blushing Bride

“You think tricking me into standing on a stage to have women bid on me like a stud bull is funny?”
– Linc Brady, The Bachelor’s Baby

“Santa’s gonna put us on his naughty list.”
– Blake, Blame the Mistletoe

“What I’m saying is, if things had been different back then, things would have been different.”
– Chase Goodwin, Hometown Hero

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Sauveterre Siblings Favorite Quotes

Far too late, she realized what was happening. She was being kidnapped. Again.
– Trella, Prince’s Son of Scandal

This is why I’m such a bastard. This is why I don’t compromise. This is why I can never be the man you wanted me to me.
– Ramon, Bound by the Millionaire’s Ring

I don’t have to work this hard to get a woman to sleep with me. This is how I live.
– Henri Sauveterre, His Mistress With Two Secrets

“I’ve had mistresses. There is a time to let them go and yours has arrived.”
– Kasim, Pursued By The Desert Prince

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Favorite Quote: On The Edge

He was the full romance hero package with his warrior physique, his chartered helicopter, and his stony, arrogant expression.