The Makricosta Dynasty

Healing a family of broken hearts…

About the Makricosta Dynasty

Healing a family of broken hearts…

No Longer Forbidden? was my first sale. I didn’t have in mind to turn it into a series at all. It wasn’t until mid-book when Nic mentions his siblings that I started wondering about them.

When I signed my second contract, I decided to write Nic’s sister’s story, More Than A Convenient Marriage. I had this vision of her going looking for her long-lost brother while her husband, Gideon, thinks she’s meeting a man because she’s having an affair.

Two books later, I was able to write Theo’s story, which was a ball. He is child-phobic and winds up with three babies on his hands, one of them his own.

Somehow it was four Presents, two erotic romances and two books for Montana Born before I finally got to the final book in that quartet written, though.

But, the series is about a family who spent years broken apart and finally come together in that final story, Seduced into the Greek’s World, so maybe it makes sense it took that long to complete.

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