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BookSweeps Contest – Enter before Aug 1

Jul 24, 2018

Have you read Only In His Sweetest Dreams?

You can enter to win it along with 30+ fantastic Medium & Steamy Romances from an amazing collection of authors, PLUS a brand new eReader. You’ll also be offered a collection of FREE reads just for entering!

Enter before August 1st here:

Kobo Readers – The Healer is 99c

Jul 19, 2018

Do you get your books from Kobo?

The Healer is on sale on Kobo for 99c in Canada and 74c in the US!

The Healer is one of my favourite books. I wrote it over several years while my kids were still young, finally finishing it during a NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. While other writers were squeezing out novels of fifty-thousand words, mine came in at a hundred and twenty-plus.

Yes, you’ll get your 99c worth with this epic! It has a big cast of characters, loads of intrigue and dark secrets and betrayals, plus the complex relationships I love building between family members. At the heart is Athadia, an Alvian who possesses the ability to heal with touch. Vaun thinks he’s Kerf, but he’s a half-blood healer. He’s not happy when he finds out he’s mixed. Kerfs consider Alvians the enemy and he happens to be a general in the Kerf army and brother to a king. Things get very complicated, especially when Athadia tells him they should mate and make more Alvians.

Curious? The sale runs from July 19-23rd so act fast.

Happy Beach Reading!

Title Reveal – Earring Duet

Jul 11, 2018

If you belong to my newsletter, you know that I’ve been writing a duet about a pair of earrings for Harlequin Presents.

The heroines, Gisella and Rozalia, are cousins. Their grandmother sold one earring to get out of Hungary, the other once she arrived in America. The girls are determined to find the earrings and buy them back for her. They run into trouble in the form of Kaine and Viktor–both rich, powerful, sexy tycoons with scores to settle.

I’ve received the titles and release dates!

Look for Book one, A Virgin for the Billionaire’s Revenge, March 1, 2019.

Book Two, Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal, comes out April 1, 2019. (no foolin’!)

Pre-order links for Book One are starting to show up. Please keep checking back if you don’t see your preferred retailer. I’ll load them here as soon as I have them.


Jul 4, 2018

Did you know I have a bunch of samplers over on Instafreebie? (You’ll even find a sneak peek at Trigg from In Too Deep lurking over there.)

The samplers contain the first two chapters of each book in some of my most popular duets and miniseries. One of them, the Christmas Epilogue from The Russian’s Acquisition is actually a stand-alone short holiday story that shows Clair and Aleksy living happily ever after.

You can find all of this content here on my website on the individual book pages, but if you prefer to read on your device, you can download the samplers free from my InstaFreebie page and read them at your leisure.

If you’re looking for your next Dani Collins read, you might also want to check out my New To Dani page here on my site.


His Blushing Bride – Free!

Jun 10, 2018

Exciting news! His Blushing Bride is free for the next couple of weeks.

I loved writing Piper and Bastian’s story! He’s a playboy nerd. She’s a sheltered music teacher who wants to know what all the fuss is about with sex. They think they can have a no-strings affair–but quickly trip over their feelings for one another. Bastian has a great relationship with his niece, too. The scene where they catch each other parking always cracks me up.

You can find the US and Canadian download links here.

Amazon UK is here

Amazon Aus is here

His Blushing Bride is Book Four in my Love In Montana series. If you like to read in order, they go like this:

1) Hometown Hero
2) Blame the Mistletoe
3) The Bachelor’s Baby
4) His Blushing Bride
4.5) Scorch*
5) His Christmas Miracle

*takes place in Glacier Creek, but Piper and Bastian come for a visit

All the links to the series are here.

Cover Reveal – In Too Deep

Jun 8, 2018

I’ve been getting lots of covers this week. The latest is for In Too Deep, Book Three in my Blue Spruce Lodge series.

I’m so excited to share Trigg and Wren’s story with you. It comes out August 7th and I may or many not have memorized what my editor said when she got back to me after reading it:

“What a total pleasure it was to read your beautiful, sensitive, funny, heart-breaking story In Too Deep. I really loved the story, but I also have just totally fallen in love with your setting, family saga and all the drama of the Johanssens.”

I don’t have pre-order links yet, but you can read the first chapters here.

If you belong to my newsletter, you’ll be notified when it releases. (Subscribe here.)

Haven’t checked into Blue Spruce Lodge yet? Start with On The Edge and From The Top.

Cover Reveal – Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience (Modern!)

Jun 7, 2018

I’m thrilled with the UK cover for Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience. This is Galila to a T. Can I please have her hair?

The blurb stays the same:

He’ll do anything to protect his kingdom

Even blackmail her into marriage!

Sheikh Karim is as ruthless as the harsh desert that forged him. Entertaining bubbly Princess Galila at a royal wedding seems frivolous…until she reveals his family’s darkest secret. To protect their honour, Karim must seduce Galila into silence! The raw heat of their encounter stuns him…and inspires a more permanent solution. To prevent a scandal, Karim will make impetuous Galila his convenient bride!

I don’t have all the pre-order links, but it will definitely be available from all your favourite retailers. If you like to order direct from Mills & Boon or Harlequin, you’ll be able to get Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience in September. Print will start shipping around Sept 24th. Official release day is October 1.

If you’re in the UK, you can order it from Amazon UK here.

If you’re in Australia, order from Amazon AU here.

Note: In Australia, Harlequin Presents used to be called ‘Sexy,’ but it’s now called ‘Modern‘ to match up with the UK version. The Australian cover isn’t up yet. I’ll post it when it is.

If you’d like to know more about this multi-author project, check out my author notes here.

Cover Reveal – Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience

May 26, 2018

I’ve just seen the cover for Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience. I hope you love it. I do!

Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience is Book Three in the Bound to the Desert King quartet. Read my Author Notes for more about this fun, multi-author project with some of my favourite Harlequin Presents friends–Tara Pammi, Maya Blake and Caitlin Crews.

If you like to read in order, these are all the titles and release dates:

Aug: Sheikh’s Baby of Revenge, by Tara Pammi
Sep: Sheikh’s Pregnant Cinderella, by Maya Blake
Oct: Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience, by Dani Collins
Nov: Sheikh’s Secret Love Child, by Caitlin Crews

Want to read it a month early? Order from Harlequin here.

Here’s the gorgeousness that is Karim and Galila the night Karim declares them married because they have to share a tent…

Goodreads Giveaway – On The Edge

May 26, 2018

I nearly forgot to tell you! There’s a Goodreads Giveaway for On The Edge until June 2nd.

Enter below and good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

On the Edge by Dani Collins

On the Edge

by Dani Collins

Giveaway ends June 02, 2018.

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May 21, 2018

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