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Manga Madness!

Dec 8, 2018

Did you know I have a dedicated Manga page? And new Harlequin Comics coming out this month? I adore them! They’re so dramatic and gorgeous!

The first is Proof of Their Sin on Dec 8th.

She knows she shouldn’t love him, but her attraction to her late husband’s best friend can’t be ignored.

Lauren is pregnant…and the father of her child is her deceased husband’s best friend, Paolo! Three months ago, her husband went missing in battle and Lauren had only Paolo to depend on. When the Italian banker told her the tragic news, they turned to each other for comfort and wound up in the bedroom. The small life within her is a ray of hope for Lauren, but when she goes to Paolo to announce the joyous news, he is cold-hearted and dismissive: “Pregnant? Congratulations. Who is the father?”

Then Seduced into The Greek’s World will be available Dec 11th.

Together with my boss in the City of Light—what could go wrong?

Natalie is a single mother whose everyday life is filled with work and caring for her little girl, leaving no time for romance. When her work takes her to Paris, she is invited to a dinner with her boss, millionaire Demitri Makricosta. Her heart flutters at his passionate gaze but she tells herself she’s there to work. Still, when she has dinner with him, she struggles to resist his charm and soon finds herself in his bed. It was supposed to be just a one-night fantasy. But maybe the future holds more…


Click here for more manga versions of my books.

Special Discount – Consequence Of His Revenge

Dec 4, 2018

Exciting news! is discounting Consequence of His Revenge to $1.99 for today only.

Fun fact: My publisher asked me how pregnant Cami was because the art team wanted to give her a baby bump on the cover. I said that was fine, but don’t make her pregnant in the hot tub since that’s when she loses her virginity.

Um. Yeah. They’re in the hot tub and she is massively pregnant. Still a fun story and still a fun discount!

In debt to the billionaire…

Infamous Sicilian Dante Gallo takes great delight in firing Cami Fagan as punishment for her father’s theft. What he doesn’t expect is to desire her so intensely he can’t resist seducing her, and Dante soon discovers how deliciously innocent Cami really is!

And bound forever by his vengeance!

But what started as revenge could bind them forever when their inconvenient passion has long-lasting consequences…

All the buy links are here, but please check prices. I don’t know if this is discounted anywhere else.

Claiming His Christmas Wife – Official Release Day!

Dec 1, 2018

Claiming His Christmas Wife releases on all digital platforms today!

This is my last book launch of 2018 and I couldn’t be happier than to have Travis and Imogen round out 2018. He’s strong and sexy, she’s earnest and determined. Together they’re volatile, but meant for each other.

Here’s what they’re saying on Goodreads:

“I loved this book! I was reading in public and had to take deep breaths because I kept tearing up.” ~ Jennifer H

“Superb emotional read, looking at second chance love.” ~ Geraldine S

If it hasn’t arrived on your eReader, you can find all the buy links here (including my new Amazon Global links!)

Harlequin Connection – Join Me Tomorrow!

Nov 26, 2018

Please join me in the Harlequin Facebook group, Harlequin Connection tomorrow (Tuesday, November 27th) as I chat about my holiday-themed Harlequin Presents, Claiming His Christmas Wife.

I’ll be there at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific time, but if you can’t make it, please email me now with your questions. I’ll be sure to answer them in the chat and you can check in when you have time.

Ask Dani

To join me during the chat, click on the link or the image below. I’m excited and can’t wait to visit with you!

Join me at 10am Pac, 1pm Eastern

Cover Reveal – Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal

Nov 23, 2018

Today I’m thankful for the cover I received for Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal. I’m in love with it! Rozi goes to Budapest to find her grandmother’s heirloom earring and tangles with Viktor, the man who thinks the earring was stolen from his family.

This one comes out next April as part of a duet that I’ve been calling the duet Barsi on Fifth, after the family jewelry store where the heroines, who are cousins, design jewelry.

Here’s the official blurb:

“If you’re pregnant…

…you’ll marry me.”

Control is everything to billionaire Viktor Rohan. Then Rozalia Toth appears on his mansion’s doorstep, looking for a family heirloom, and throws his world into chaos! Her sweetness intrigues him beyond measure…and as their inescapable chemistry explodes, Viktor realizes Rozi’s innocence isn’t an act! But their passion has consequences, and Viktor refuses to let scandal ruin his family again. Their baby will be legitimate! And Rozi? She will be his…


Be sure to check out Book One, A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire. Gisella tries to buy one of the earrings from Kaine only to learn he has a grudge to settle with her family–and expects her to compensate him.


Claiming His Christmas Wife – On Shelves Today!

Nov 20, 2018

Yay! Claiming His Christmas Wife hits shelves today. Look for it while you’re out Christmas shopping or picking up Black Friday deals. You deserve a treat!

Imogen is one of my favourite heroines. She’s a walking disaster, has been through so much, but she’s plucky and quirky and I adore her for taking a man like Travis and throwing him so far off his game. Which is his worst nightmare, but he realizes he must accept her unpredictable nature because he loves her deeply and irrevocably. I’m still laughing about the epilogue, too. I hope you love it!

Here’s what they’re saying on Goodreads:

“It’s an extremely intense, emotion packed love story that’s very well written.” ~ Ivy H.

“I HAD to read this book because it intrigued me. I just wasn’t expecting to read the book and find tears running down my face.” ~ Kim Reads

This one releases digitally on Dec 1. You’ll find all the links here.

Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet Releases Today!

Nov 8, 2018

Hurray, Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet is finally here and it’s as sweet and pure as maple syrup taffy.

If you’re looking for a Christmas romance light on angst and tall on holiday cheer, this one is for you. Finn and Kristen broke up when they went off to different colleges. They haven’t spoken much since, but he learns she’s alone for the holidays and drops in on her at her new job.

Kristen is the furthest thing from lonely. She’s been recruited by her new boss’s daughter, Sarah, to help plan a vow renewal for her parents. Finn is quickly drawn into the lighthearted intrigue and holiday spirit. There’s singing and games and a ridiculous story about a moose. Love is all around and yes, there’s even maple syrup taffy:

“Ta-da!” Sarah held up a Popsicle stick with a knot of taffy tangled on one end.

“How did you do that?” Kristen rose to watch and Finn came to stand beside her.

Sarah had poured the warmed syrup in stripes across the shallow pan of snow. Handing Kristen the first stick, she took a second and dabbed it on the end of a stripe of syrup. When it began to stick, she carefully rolled until it was a second golden ball of caramel. She gave it to Finn.

Here’s what they’re saying on Netgalley:

“This is the first book I have read by this author… and I would highly recommend it. … The love of a daughter planning a surprise wedding for her dad and step mom. The rekindling of an old romance. The true meaning of the holidays. The help of strangers. There are so many things going on in this book you really can’t wait to see how it ends.” ~ 5 stars, Sheila P.

Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet is available now on all platforms. The quick links are here:

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Blame The Mistletoe – Free!

Nov 6, 2018

Exciting news! Blame the Mistletoe is free for a limited time!

This was my first Christmas themed romance. It’s sexy and funny and a tiny bit scandalous. Liz winds up babysitting her ex-mother-in-law’s dog while her ex’s family takes her daughter to Mexico for a wedding. Liz doesn’t know anyone in Marietta–until she bumps into her former brother-in-law at a party.

Blake’s son has gone to Mexico with his ex for a family wedding and he’s on his own. He loves Christmas and happily shows Liz why Marietta is the best place to spend the holidays. But a kiss beneath the mistletoe turns into something more serious. Something they don’t know how to explain when their kids unexpectedly return.

I had so much fun writing Blame the Mistletoe. I hope you enjoy it!

Fun fact: Blame the Mistletoe is Book Two in my Love in Montana series.

Multi-Author Giveaways Nov/Dec

Nov 2, 2018

I entered my Seasonal Sampler in three group giveaways through the end of the year. Two of them start today! But I wanted a post that compiles all the dates and links in one place so I can (hopefully) keep it straight and you can refer back if you need to. Feel free to share!

My Seasonal Sampler includes the opening chapters of Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet and Claiming His Christmas Wife along with my other two Christmas books and a short Christmas epilogue I wrote a few years ago. If you don’t already have this sampler, please help yourself now, then browse for more free reads and previews.

Note: Instafreebie is now called Prolific Works.

‘Tis The Season
Nov 1 – Jan 2

You’ll find more than forty books and previews containing Christmas cheer, some with a little, some with a lot, some a little tamer, some a little more hot. Check it out here:

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12 Days of Christmas
Nov 1 – Jan 3

This one has over a hundred romances, but it’s not limited to Christmas so there’s loads to browse and choose from!

The giveaway is called ’12 Days’ but it runs for two months. Visit more than once if you like.

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Christmas Romance Giveaway
Dec 8 – Jan 12

This one is still collecting authors and it’s definitely Christmas themed. (I saw one called Christmas with the Vampires. I was intrigued!)

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