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His Mistress With Two Secrets – 99c

Sep 19, 2018

Exciting news! His Mistress With Two Secrets is on sale for 99c (99p in the UK).

If you haven’t read my Sauveterre Siblings quartet about two identical sets of twins, here’s your chance to really get your twin on. In this one, Cinnia is pregnant with, you guessed it, twins!

Here’s the blurb:

Pregnant with the billionaire’s babies!

After the painfully public demise of her intense fling with renowned tycoon Henri Sauveterre, Cinnia Whitley discovers she’s pregnant…with twins! Cinnia burns with the memory of his touch, but bearing a new generation of the Sauveterre dynasty will bind her to Henri forever—unless she keeps it a secret…

Henri is infuriated when he discovers Cinnia’s deception. His little sister’s abduction ended all his intentions of having a family—but anySauveterre deserves his full protection. Henri must make Cinnia his wife, and he’ll show her just how pleasurable their reunion can be!

Buy Links are here.

Want to read all four?

Order links for all the books are here.

Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience – On Shelves Today!

Sep 18, 2018

Yay! Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience, my contribution to the Bound by the Desert King quartet, hits shelves today.

Karim will do anything to protect his kingdom

Even blackmail Galila into marriage!

Sheikh Karim is as ruthless as the harsh desert that forged him. Entertaining bubbly Princess Galila at a royal wedding seems frivolous…until she reveals his family’s darkest secret. To protect their honor, Karim must seduce Galila into silence! The raw heat of their encounter stuns him…and inspires a more permanent solution. To prevent a scandal, Karim will make impetuous Galila his convenient bride!

Opposites attract in this sensational royal romance

Look for Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience at your favourite book store or retailer today.

Learn more about how this quartet came about in my Author Notes.

Title Change – A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire

Sep 9, 2018

You might have noticed that A Virgin for the Billionaire’s Revenge has undergone a small revision. It’s now A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire.

This is Book One in my earring duet, the one I’m calling Barsi on Fifth for the jewelry story where the two heroines, cousins Gisella and Rozalia, design custom jewelry while searching for their grandmother’s lost heirloom earrings.

No cover on this one yet, but here’s the blurb:

He’ll make her pay…

Until he learns of her innocence!

Self-made billionaire Kaine Michaels has just given Gisella Drummond, daughter of one of New York’s most influential dynasties, a shocking ultimatum: use her spotless reputation to save his own or he’ll ruin her family for betraying him! Kaine knows Gisella wants him, and he knows how much pleasure he can give her! But uncovering sweet Gisella’s virginity makes Kaine want her for so much more than revenge…

A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire comes out March 2019. Preorder here.

Two Instafreebie Giveaways!

Sep 8, 2018

Have you tried Instafreebie? It’s a great site for readers to browse new authors and authors to find new readers.

I offer mostly samplers, which you can browse here, but I have a couple of full stories available right now in group giveaways. You’ll be given the option to sign up for author newsletters, but you don’t have to.

If you belong to my Dear Reader newsletter, you probably already have Cruel Summer. If not, here’s your chance! And if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on Not In Her Wildest Dreams, this is also your chance!

Short Story Giveaway
Runs: Sep 1 – Sep 16
Title: Get Cruel Summer

Contemporary Romance Bonanza
Runs: Sep 1 – Sep 30
Title: Get Not In Her Wildest Dreams

Browse the rest of my Instafreebie offerings here.

Happy reading!

Want Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience Early?

Sep 1, 2018

Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience is available now on Harlequin and Mills and Boon UK and Australia!

I loved writing Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience for many reasons. First of all, Galila is cute and assertive and spoiled, but deep down she’s very sensitive and has a wonderful capacity for love. Karim has carried the weight of family secrets for years and really needs a woman he can count on. He’s also one of my favourite types of heroes who thinks he’s being brave and doing what’s right for everyone, but he’s actually a complete dope and needs to let down his guard and let someone love him already.

Another thing that made this book fun was writing it with some of my favourite author friends–Tara Pammi, Maya Blake and Caitlin Crews!

Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience is book three in a quartet with these lovelies. Want to know more about how this collaboration came about? Read my Author Notes.

Look for Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience in stores Sep 18 and download from all digital platforms on Oct 1. Pre-Order here.

Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite (pun intended!):

“Your dress is getting wet.”

The male voice, so deep and velvety it matched the caress of the warm night air, had her turning to peer into the shadows, expecting— Well, she didn’t know who she expected. A man, yes, but not such a man.

He leaned against the edge of an archway, features sharpened by the low light and framed by the drape of his ghutra. He was dangerous and handsome at once. Dangerously handsome with those dark, deeply set eyes and strong jaw beneath a short, black beard. Breath-stealing, in fact, in his gold-trimmed bisht that might have been a deep merlot color. It hung open across wide shoulders to reveal his embroidered thobe, tailored to his muscled chest, collar closed at his throat and decorated by a yellow-sapphire the size of her fist.

She told herself it was the alcohol that made her sway, but she suspected it was the impact of his virility.

He straightened and held out a hand. “Come. Before you ruin perfection.”

Read the first two chapters here.

A Chance to Win On The Edge!

Aug 29, 2018

Are you a fan of Sports Romance?

I’ve teamed up with over twenty fantastic fellow authors to give away a collection of Sports Romances to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a brand new eReader for the Grand Prize winner!

You’ll receive a collection of FREE reads just for entering. You could win On The Edge plus books from authors like Carly Phillips and Jami Davenport.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here:

Good luck, and enjoy!

In Too Deep – Available Now!

Aug 7, 2018

In Too Deep arrives on eReaders today!

Trigg is forced to give up snowboard competition when he learns he’s a father of a twelve year old girl. Her aunt, Wren, has run out of options with her defiant niece. She takes the manager’s position at Blue Spruce Lodge hoping Sky will settle down if she finally gets to know her dad, but nothing goes as planned.

Like On The Edge and From The Top, In Too Deep can be read as a stand-alone romance, but it builds on the community at Blue Spruce Lodge. You’ll catch up with all the usual suspects and even attend Rolf and Glory’s wedding!

Interspersed with the messy, sexy, conflicted romance that develops between Trigg and Wren, you’ll read Sky’s point of view as she works through her mixed and mostly sarcastic feelings about her aunt, her father, their relationship and who she really is.

I dug deep when writing In Too Deep. I hope you love it.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, find all the buy links here.

Love in Montana Sampler

Aug 3, 2018

I have finally made a sampler for my Love in Montana series! Download the sampler here and thank you for your supreme patience on this one.

If you’ve never read any of these books, this is a no hassle, no cost place to start. This sampler gives you the first two chapters of all five books plus the related title, Scorch, and a bonus peek at On The Edge.

And yes, you can read all this content on my website, but some readers have asked me for an ebook (or mobi) they can download onto their device. Voila! Enjoy.

ProTip: if you do decide to buy these books, your best value is to start with the Year of Love in Marietta bundle.

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Cover Reveal – Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet

Jul 31, 2018

More Christmas in July!

I just received the finalized cover for Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet. Yes, for those keeping track at home, that’s two Christmas books coming this season. I hope you love them! The cover for this one makes me swoon.

Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet is a sweet, reunion romance. Here’s what it’s about:

Eager for a warm and cozy Christmas…

in the midst of a changing career, Kristen Benz leaps on the temporary job at Mistletoe Chalet. Soon she’s wrapping presents, trimming the tree, and helping her new boss’s tween daughter plan a Christmas Eve vow renewal for her parents. The holiday is imbued with a magical glow—especially when Kristen’s high school sweetheart appears on the doorstep.

After years of medical school, Finn Garrett has promised his parents he’ll be home for the holidays. His detour to see his first love is supposed to provide closure, not rekindle their long-ago romance.

Can a matchmaking tween and the magic of Mistletoe Chalet spark the happily ever after that eluded them in the past?

I’m still doing copy edits on this one. I’ll post the excerpt soon! Subscribe to my Site News or Dear Reader newsletter to be notified when it releases.