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From The Top – Available Today!

Feb 27, 2018

Yay! From The Top, Book Two in my Blue Spruce Lodge series, launches on all digital platforms today!

I am thrilled–thrilled I tell you–by the advance reviews on Netgalley for this one:

“The characterizations are fully rounded. Ilke is more than a blonde bombshell who can ski. Nate is more than a quiet, hunky contractor… These characters seem real and I found myself caring about them.”

“I loved the way Ms. Collins ended this book. It was satisfying and unexpected… I’m really looking forward to Book Three… I can’t wait to see what Trigg will face.”

Nate and Ilke are pretty adorable, once you get past Ilke’s frosty shell. Start reading their story here or find buy links here.

I am hard at work on Book Three, as yet untitled. Trigg’s got himself a world of trouble, as you’ll read in From The Top. Provided the writing goes well, I hope to have him in your hands by late summer.

Talking Writing and Rolf on RomRomp Podcast

Feb 16, 2018

I recently had the delightful opportunity to chat with Kini Allen at Romance Romp on FNP Podcasts.

She is lovely. It was like visiting with a long-time friend who enjoys reading romance as much as I do.

We talk about how I got my start, what we both like to read, how grumpy Rolf is in On The Edge, what to expect in From The Top, and how strongly we feel about a proper Happily Ever After.

You can listen or download here:

Dani on Romance Romp


*If you’re looking for the link Kini mentions about my post on Tule’s blog, you can read how Michael Phelps inspired Rolf here.

On The Edge – Available in Print!

Feb 15, 2018

Did you know that On the Edge is available in print if you order it from Amazon?

I’ve been so thrilled with some of the comments left on Goodreads by fans of Rolf and Glory:

“This was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. The hero was really unlikeable, but grew through his relationship with the heroine. She was also a quirky, complex character.”

“What an unique book! I really enjoyed reading the story inside the story.”

“Dani Collins has written a fascinating love story combined with an equally captivating novella. I liked that she’s included the story Glory is writing and gladly read this extra treat… On the Edge isn’t a standard sweet true love story, it’s different and there’s plenty of tension. I really liked this sexy and sharp book.”

If you enjoy my Presents and those brooding alpha-males, I hope you’ll give Rolf a try. Start reading here.

On the Edge is available on all digital platforms, but if you prefer print, order your copy here:

Amazon US

Amazon Can

Amazon UK

The Bachelor’s Baby – Free for a limited time!

Jan 24, 2018

Exciting news! The Bachelor’s Baby, book three in my Love in Montana series, is free for a limited time.

I love this book. Linc is so mad when Meg cons him into going on the block at a Valentine’s Day bachelor auction. She feels bad and bids on him, only to wind up in a bidding war with him as he tries to keep her from winning him.

They have incredible chemistry, but Linc isn’t the most sensitive man and Meg tries to be tough, but underneath, she’s very vulnerable. As you can guess from the title, they wind up with a lot of big decisions to make.

If you like to read in order, you can find all of the books listed here: Love in Montana series.

Cover Reveal – From The Top

Jan 22, 2018

I just received my gorgeous cover for From The Top, Book Two in my Blue Spruce Lodge series. What do you think? Beautiful, right?

I’m still on vacation in Hawaii and still have to write the Author Notes for this one, but I’ll warn you now, it may cause a few tears. From The Top opens when Ilke discovers she’s pregnant with Nate’s baby. She wants to keep it and returns to Blue Spruce Lodge to tell Nate, but she doesn’t know how to make a family work against the alpine racing career she has worked her whole life to achieve. Nate’s a single dad, but his life is already very complicated. Both are unprepared and on the defence, not looking for a relationship. They have a lot to dig through before they find the happily ever after they both deeply deserve.

If you want to read the first two chapters, you’ll find them here.

All the books in the Blue Spruce Lodge series series can be read as stand-alones, but you might want to read On The Edge first as Rolf and Glory show up here along with everyone else (including Murphy, the dog!)

From The Top will be available on all platforms, but only a few of the buy links are up. If you want to be notified when it comes out, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

Now set to gazing on this cover…

UK Readers – A secret deal on The Secret Beneath the Veil

Jan 19, 2018

I’m still on vacation, but some fun news for my UK readers hit my in-box and I had to share.

The Secret Beneath the Veil is on sale for 99p on Amazon UK until mid-Feb. I believe it’s already marked down, but I’m not in the UK so Amazon won’t let me see the price. Please double-check the cost before you buy.

Vivi is one of my favourite heroines and Mikolas breaks my heart. This one has a very dramatic opening that you can read here. Enjoy!

On The Edge hits eReaders today!

Jan 16, 2018

It’s launch day for On The Edge. Hooray!

When I began writing On The Edge, I knew I wanted Glory to be a romance writer, but in the closet about her aspiration. She’s the daughter of a famous romance author and manages her late mother’s literary estate to provide her father an income. However, along with family issues, she has personal baggage that makes her hesitant to show anyone her work. Worst of all, since her mother’s death, she’s been suffering writer’s block.

All of that changes when she arrives at Blue Spruce Lodge in Montana. She starts hearing her imaginary friends after a long while and it’s the first steps from grief toward the person she is meant to become.

If you want a peek inside a writer’s mind, here you go. Glory has characters show up out of the blue and has to wait and listen while they fill in the details that build out their story.

In fact, I included the manuscript she works on each time she sits down to write. Within the pages of On The Edge, you’ll read what becomes Glory’s debut book, Blessed Winter. It’s a book within a book. Kind of like a subplot, but it takes place in Tahoe with a hero she bases on Rolf.

Rolf is my edgiest, most arrogant hero yet. He’s a gold-medal alpine champion, very focused and motivated by self-interest. I wanted him to be the iconic, controlling alpha that every romance author loves to make fall hard for the most unlikely heroine, but only after she has every reason to hate him. Everything comes easy to him, but he has to work for Glory’s heart and he does.

I hope you enjoy watching Rolf, the champion, go after a new type of ‘Glory,’ while Glory figures out how to write her own story, finding her hero in Rolf along the way.

Fun fact: Blessed Winter is the long-awaited sequel to Cruel Summer, the book you receive when you subscribe to my newsletter.

Prince’s Son of Scandal releases today!

Jan 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I’m thrilled to start the year by telling you that Trella, the fourth and final Sauveterre Sibling, releases on all platforms today.

Trella has been a recluse for years, so I suppose it’s apropos that she has only been glimpsed here and there in her secretly-pregnant-by-a-prince glory. She first showed up on Netgalley, where one reviewer was kind enough to say this about Prince’s Son of Scandal:

“A stunning conclusion to a fantastically dramatic and emotional series about the four siblings.”

Or you might have caught her early at, where one reviewer very, very kindly said:

“Loved all the books in this series. Dani Collins has eclipsed my old favourite authors and become the one I look forward to the most!”

Excuse me while I have a little cry of gratitude over here and pinch myself while I’m at it. Writing for Harlequin Presents was my dream for twenty-five years.

If you also love Harlequin Presents, along with royalty, scandal, secret babies, a cold and distant hero who kidnaps the heroine then quickly turns protective and marries her, but cannot fall in love with her, plus twins, drama, angst and the occasional one-liner of wit, then look for Prince’s Son of Scandal wherever you buy your digital books. You might still find her on shelves, too.

Welcome to 2018! I hope it’s wonderful to you.