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Fun! A Secret New Manga Edition

Sep 23, 2019

I’ve just realized a new manga edition of The Secret Beneath the Veil came out last Sunday. Yes, it was even a secret from me!

This romance has one of the most dramatic openings I’ve ever written. Viveka takes her sister’s place at her arranged-marriage wedding. When the veil comes up, Mikolas realizes he’s been tricked. Viveka runs away to a waiting boat, but falls into the water and gets weighed down by her dress! Hold your breath, hold your breath… (Spoiler: Mikolas jumps in to save her.) Then a bunch of other stuff happens including sexy times.

How did this book come about without my knowledge? It just does. Amid the author-ly halls of forums and online chat groups, there’s always much debate about which is better, indie-publishing or traditional. I’ve done both and there are great things to be said about self-publishing, but I cannot express enough how much I love the team at Harlequin Mills & Boon for simply doing the work behind the scenes in making new versions of my books available. Especially mangas. The artwork is always so gorgeous!

Learn more here.

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Sep 16, 2019

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Cinderella’s Royal Seduction – Does the Blurb fit?

Aug 19, 2019

I just saw the blurb for my Cinderella story (releases next February. Sorry!) But the blurb is so cute, I had to share…

His until midnight

Will she wear his crown?

Sopi is exhausted! With Prince Rhys Charlemaine staying nearby, the luxury spa she calls home is overflowing with aspiring princesses! It’s frantic…until working all hours leads to a late-night encounter with charismatic Rhys himself…

Untouched Sopi gives herself one chance to feel like a princess in Rhys’s arms. She knows it cannot go further, until Rhys stuns her with his convenient proposal! He promises exquisite pleasure, but Sopi has seen the man behind his royal mask—dare she believe he wants her for more than desire?

Want a sneak peek? You can read the first two chapters on my website here.

The Manga He Must Keep

Aug 17, 2019

Fun news! The first book in my popular baby swap duet, The Marriage He Must Keep, has been turned into a Manga! I adore these. The artwork is so beautiful.

I do sometimes think the title should say something like ‘inspired by,’ though. The stories often get changed up quite a bit. Here’s the blurb of the manga with the blurb from the original story below it.

Marriage He Must Keep Comic by Dani Collins


The beautiful wife is played by two men in a faceoff of love and jealousy…

Shy Octavia marries Italian businessman Alessandro under her father’s orders. Their initial plans was for her to marry his cousin Primo, but he turned her down. She had been fortunate enough to be proposed to by Alessandro. He loved her day and night and she eventually fulfills her desire to become pregnant, but is shocked when he tells her to go to London on her own to have the baby delivered by a noted doctor. Why doesn’t he want to be with her?

Octavia had a reason to be concerned. Primo had told her the truth about her marriage and a certain plan that Alessandro had.


Claiming his heir

When Alessandro Ferrante dutifully married shy heiress Octavia, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that his convenient bride was as sweetly sensual as she was beautiful. But when their newborn baby is swapped at the hospital, their fragile marriage reaches crisis point.

…and his wife!

With her baby safely back in her arms, the revelation that Alessandro’s family was involved leaves Octavia wanting nothing more to do with him. But Alessandro won’t take no for an answer…after all, in the bedroom she always said yes! He will seduce his wife again and ensure Octavia—and his child—are his forever!

Sounds like quite a different story, doesn’t it? I don’t mind, I just find it fascinating. Plus, it gives me something new to read in my very own story! Have you read many of the Harlequin comics? What’s your experience with how closely they mirror the original story?

Time to Celebrate – The Maid’s Spanish Secret Releases Today!

Aug 1, 2019

Hooray! The Maid’s Spanish Secret should be downloading to your eReader today. If you haven’t received it, you can find all the links here.

In The Maid’s Spanish Secret, Canadian Poppy has a fling with her boss’s son the day before she leaves Spain. By the time she realizes she’s pregnant, Rico is married to another–but he was betrayed by his wife and is carrying a bitter secret after her death.

When Rico discovers he has a child by Poppy, he arrives to claim her, but he wants Poppy as well. Can they make a marriage of convenience work when they’re essentially still strangers… and his heart is so closed off?

From Goodreads:

“I loved reading their insecurities of being back together… I loved seeing a transformed Poppy. I liked the fact she gained confidence but she didn’t change herself.” 5/5 Stars, Xai Xai, Goodreads

“Dani Collins nabbed my attention right away and took me on an exhilarating ride filled with emotional baggage, passionate encounters and an underlying good heart in each of the characters. Really enjoyed their well-written story!” 5/5 Stars, Lynn, Goodreads

Look for Rico’s sister, Pia, in November in Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal.

Get Not In Her Wildest Dreams Free Today!

Jul 26, 2019

Pssst! Did you know that Not In Her Wildest Dreams is free right now?

This is a special promotion that will only last until August 7th so download it now from your favourite platform.

Amazon US | Nook | Apple Books | More Links

In Not In Her Wildest Dreams, Paige is forced back to her hometown where she works with her high school crush and arch nemesis at her father’s factory. Sterling, the golden boy of Liebe Falls, was never supposed to fall for Paige and she’s still the Wrong Girl, but working alongside her at his father’s factory makes it impossible for him to resist her.

Enjoy this second chance at first love!

Be sure to get the second book in this duet, Only In His Sweetest Dreams.

When her sister leaves her kids with her again, Mercedes is liable to lose her job at a senior’s complex, but she can’t abandon them, too! Enter L.C., handyman and not exactly Father of the Year, but he seems capable able of fixing anything–except the impossible situation they find themselves in.

Amazon US | Nook | Apple Books | More Links

Enter to win Blame The Mistletoe

Jul 22, 2019

It’s Christmas in July! I’ve teamed up with 45 fantastic authors of sexy romance to give away a collection steamy, Christmas-themed romances to two lucky winners, PLUS a brand new eReader to the Grand Prize winner!

Wait. Don’t guess yet. You can also browse a collection of FREE reads just for entering. You might win a digital copy of my Christmas romance, Blame the Mistletoe.

Enter here.

Join me at Gems for Jules tonight!

Jul 21, 2019

I’m thrilled to be visiting Gems for Jules this evening, Sunday July 21st, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific.)

I’ll be teasing excerpts from The Maid’s Spanish Secret and I have an exciting offer. Hint: it’s a free book.

USA Today Bestselling author Jules Bennett created Gems for Jules as a fun space for readers to interact with Jules and guest authors like me. If you enjoy chatting books, entering giveaways, and helping authors celebrate their new releases, please join us here:

Gems for Jules

Get a Sweet Deal on Two of my Most Popular Titles…

Jul 20, 2019

An exciting promotion from Harlequin has dropped the price on two of my most popular titles, Consequence of His Revenge and Prince’s Son of Scandal. From today until August 1st, you can find both at $1.99 on all platforms in the US and Canada.

Prince’s Son of Scandal is the exciting conclusion to my Sauveterre Siblings quartet, where Trella finally gets her happily ever after with Xavier. She and Xavier met while she was impersonating her twin sister. When she turns up pregnant, she avoids his calls. He resorts to kidnapping–and marriage–which neither expects to last, but they really are meant for one another. It just takes some drama and angst to figure it out. I hope you enjoy this one!

All the links for this series are here.

Consequence of His Revenge opens with Dante firing Cami before she even starts work at the hotel he owns. He blames her father for ruining his life, but soon learns that the man was innocent and so is Cami. Their brief affair breaks down, but when he comes after her, ready to clear her father’s name, he discovers they’re linked for life in a very unexpected way. I have a terrible soft spot for this book–Cami is a Canadian heroine I dreamed up decades before this book finally saw print. Her hopes get dashed again and again, but she finally gets her happily ever after.

Buy links for this one are here.

This promotion runs until Aug 1st.