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Can’t wait for Confessions of an Italian Marriage?

Aug 1, 2020

“Although this is a typical Harlequin Presents book, with rich hero, world traveling, and sexy scenes; the story is actually very different from other HP books…I will read it again and again.” ~5 stars, A Romo, Goodreads

I can’t wait for you to meet Giovanni and Freja! He’s one of my favorite heroes ever. He’s confident and sexy and dynamic and has that one Achilles heel–Freja!

Freja is furious with him on account of his faking his own death, but she has some things to work out as well. They’re both hurting and both love each other very much, they just don’t know how to say it.

Here’s a little taste from the opening pages:

Freja moved without second-guessing her instinct. She scooped up her miles of skirt and ran silently on the toes of her five-inch heels past the door into the changeroom where she’d left her clothes and purse, past the powder room, into the administration office where she’d first met with Teresina and seen the—

Porta di emergenza – allarmata

That’s what this was. An emergency. She was alarmed.

She shoved against the lever and burst into the narrow, cobblestone alley. A loud bell began to ring within the shop. The door clattered closed behind her, muffling the sound. It grew fainter as she raced toward the street where traffic honked in its usual chaotic madness.

She was only thinking she needed witnesses. Getting arrested for stealing a dress she’d only half-paid for was better than facing whatever that man had in store for her. She could call Nels from the police sta—

Behind her, she heard the door slam open again. Shouts sounded.

In front of her, a black SUV swerved into the break in the sidewalk, forcing her to pull up short at the mouth of the alley. She started to pivot in hopes of squeezing past it and down the street, but the back door flung open.

“Get in,” Giovanni said.

The sight of him struck like a gong, leaving her quivering. He had a shaggy black beard, dark glasses, and his black hoodie was pulled up to hide all but his familiar cheekbones, but his legs stopped above the knees and she recognized the tense line of his mouth.

Alive. Her heart soared so high, it should have shattered the sky.

At the same time, a thousand furies invaded her like a swarm of killer bees. There was no triumph in learning she was right. There was only a crippling heartbreak that he had abandoned her. If he’d been truly dead, she would have been angry, but she wouldn’t have blamed him.

This, though? He had put her through horrifying hours of actually believing he was gone. She had endured his gut-wrenching funeral, convinced it was a sham. Then, two short weeks later, she’d suffered another unbearable loss that would never heal.

He’d forced her to go through all of that alone.

For every minute that had passed since that awful day, she had longed for him to reveal himself, but now her feet only carried her forward so she could bitterly hiss, “Go to hell.”

“Where do you think I’ve been?” he growled.

Confessions of an Italian Marriage officially launches September first, but if you’re anxious to read their journey to reconciliation, you can download today on Harlequin or Mills and Boon UK.

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Another sexy cover for the Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace

Jul 18, 2020

How adorable is this cover?

The thing I love most about the UK covers are the moods they evoke and this one *nails* it. Hannah is shy and feels like an odd duck, but she has a quiet inner confidence. (My favorite kind of heroine.) Akin is falling under her spell, doesn’t want to be, doesn’t understand how it’s happening, but can’t help himself. (My favorite kind of hero.)

Here’s a little snippet from the opening that sets the tone for how Hannah completely undermines Akin and still cracks me up. Hannah arrives at the fertility clinic (where she will soon learn she is carrying Akin’s brother’s baby.) She realizes her door has frozen shut and calls out to the men who are walking by:

“Help! Excuse me! Can you help, please?”

She heard one ask a question in a language that might have been Arabic. They wore woolen overcoats and their heads weren’t covered, but they both had dark-skin, black hair and closely trimmed beards.

“I need help!” she shouted louder as they stood there. “My door is frozen.” And I’m going to need a powder room ten minutes ago. Panic stations, gents.

The one with the umbrella grumbled something, but the other impatiently took it. It was useless anyway. A gust of wind drove the sleet sideways, turning the umbrella inside out. He shoved it back at the other man and came to glower at her through the little circle she’d made in the fogged glass.

Her heart leapt in surprise, alarm, fear. Maybe a hint of lust?

He was a blurred impression of height and intimidation, thirtyish and good looking despite his frown. His overcoat gaped and showed a dark blue suit that looked tailored and probably was. The clinic catered to the supremely wealthy. She was very much a charity case who’d got in on a who-you-know after doing a huge favor for the head administrator’s wife.

“What are you shouting about?” he demanded.

“My doors are frozen. I’m stuck!” She demonstrated by trying the latch and giving the door a shove with her shoulder.

He frowned and tried it himself. Then he circled her car, trying all the doors with enough force to make the car rock. None opened.

He said something to the man trying to fix the umbrella. A third man emerged from the SUV while the first came back to her window and asked, “You’re sure it’s unlocked?”

Oh, dear God. She wanted to die then. She pressed the button and heard it release.

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A Sexy Cover for an Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace

Jul 4, 2020

If you’re one of my American friends, Happy Independence Day!

I woke up to this lovely cover for my November book, Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace.

If you follow my newsletter, this is the ugly duckling inspired story I was working on last year. The story opens with Akin confronting Hannah at the fertility clinic where she went to start the family she desperately wants. A mixup has given her Akin’s brother’s sperm. And his brother was the future king of Baaqi. Now her baby is!

I adore Hannah and Akin. She’s got a real spark of wit and he doesn’t have any time for it, but very soon can’t live without her. Here’s the official blurb:

His desert vow…

To crown the virgin’s baby!

Having failed to find Mr. Right, plain librarian Hannah Meeks decided to start the family she’s desperately wanted on her own. Only to discover that her miracle baby is actually the heir to the throne of Baaqi…

Sheikh Akin Sarraf was the unwanted spare. Now, finding out his late brother had unknowingly fathered a child, Akin’s duty is to bring Hannah to his palace and make her his wife! Marrying for love was always out of the question. But Hannah’s independent spirit is exasperating…until it’s intoxicating…

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Happy Canada Day!

Jul 1, 2020

I’m tremendously grateful to be Canadian, especially these days. Through good luck and good leadership (shout out to our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry among others) I’ve been able to get a haircut and return to the gym. Things aren’t back to normal, but the new normal is okay.

So I will take today to be thankful I was born in Canada while acknowledging I currently live and write and thrive on the unceded territory of the Sinixt Nation. Canada isn’t perfect. We have a lot of work to do with racial justice particularly with our indigenous community. At the same time, there is no place in the world I would rather be right now.

Do you need a little Canada in your life? I’ve published five Canadian heroines (soon to be six! See What the Greek’s Wife Needs). I have yet to write a Canadian hero, but I have plans to remedy that.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for for a heroine who is polite, nice, says ‘sorry’ a little too often, but will drop the gloves and fight like a hockey goon if she has to, meet: Lauren, Natalie, Cami, Poppy, and Sopi.

For more info, click


and scroll down to Canadian Characters

Join me at Alyssa’s House Party!

Jun 25, 2020

I’ve been invited to Alyssa J. Montgomery’s House Party session at the A Romantic Rendezvous – LOCKED DOWN online event hosted by the Australian Romance Readers Association!

In this behind-the-scenes look at author spaces, I’ll join Alyssa, Meg Tilly, and Sabrina Jeffries in revealing where each of us makes the magic happen. We’ll also answer your most burning questions, but you have to submit your question in advance.

The event is free, but you must register. Follow the Facebook Page to get all the details.

Match your timezone to join live:
Friday 17 July at 5pm (Vancouver time)
Friday 17 July at 8pm (North Caroline time)
Saturday 18 July at 10am (Sydney time)

I can’t wait to “see” you there.

Fancy a Cinderella Story on Sale?

Jun 23, 2020

Harlequin is running a killer promotion on 250 (not a typo!) titles across their North American digital retailers from now until the end of June. They’re all priced at 1.99!

Cinderella’s Royal Seduction, my take on this classic fairy tale, is one of them!

His until midnight

Will she wear his crown?

Sopi is exhausted! With Prince Rhys Charlemaine staying nearby, the luxury spa she calls home is overflowing with aspiring princesses! It’s frantic…until working all hours leads to a late-night encounter with charismatic Rhys himself…

Untouched Sopi gives herself one chance to feel like a princess in Rhys’s arms. She knows it cannot go further, until Rhys stuns her with his convenient proposal! He promises exquisite pleasure, but Sopi has seen the man behind his royal mask—dare she believe he wants her for more than desire?

Start shopping here:

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Did you miss my Facebook Live? Here’s the link…

May 25, 2020

I had a great time doing a Facebook Live event today for my Feuding Billionaire Brothers duet. Thank you again to the team at Harlequin in Toronto for making it happen.

It was raining, but in a last-minute rush we got everything wiped down and the umbrella up. The lighting wasn’t perfect, but I stand by the lovely green backdrop as the right choice.

If you missed it, you can watch it here:

Watch Dani’s Facebook Live

Please leave comments or questions on the post. I’ll continue to check back over the next few days and reply.

If you’re a writer, my Resist/Attract example came from Beauty and Her One-Night Baby. I realized after the fact that I didn’t talk about the attract side of things as much as I could have. I’m happy to discuss more if you want to get in touch.

Thanks to everyone who turned up. You made it so fun!

Join me tomorrow for a Facebook Live!

May 24, 2020

I’m so excited to be going live on Facebook tomorrow to celebrate my Feuding Billionaire Brothers, Val (A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him) and Javiero (Beauty and Her One-Night Baby).

These heroes shared a terrible father and their mothers weren’t much better. The old man’s will brings the men together with Kiara and Scarlett, the mothers of their *secret* babies. All of their lives–and lies!–begin to unravel from there. More juicy goss on them tomorrow.

Also, if it’s not raining, I’ll give you a peek at my garden. Apparently, I’m planting for the apocalypse.

The event airs at 1pm Eastern time (10am Pacific) on my Facebook page, but will also be shared on Harlequin’s page. If you can’t make it, feel free to reply to this email with a question and I’ll answer while I’m live.

Tap the image below or Join Me Here.

National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist!

May 14, 2020

I’m thrilled to report that Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal is a National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist!

Sponsored by the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America (OK-RWA), the Readers Choice Award celebrates excellence in romance writing, as judged by readers. The winners were supposed to be announced at the National Romance Writers’ conference in San Francisco this July. Sadly, that conference has been cancelled, but they’re in the process of working out an online presentation. I’ll keep you posted.

Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal released last November. Shy heiress Pia has a secret fling with a mysterious strangers at a masked ball. Angelo thinks he only wants revenge, but when Pia tracks him down to tell him they have a baby on the way, he discovers he wants his child…and Pia.

Her bombshell: “I’m pregnant.”

His demand: “Marry me…”

Painfully insecure and media-shy heiress Pia is duty-bound to marry well. So illegitimate Angelo is completely unsuitable husband material. Yet this irresistible Spanish tech tycoon seduces Pia with an evening of bliss…that leaves her pregnant!

Pia can’t afford a scandal, but Angelo wants to publicly claim his heir. To control the headlines, Pia must wed the only man who has ever made her feel. With Angelo posing a danger to her well-guarded heart, can she step into the spotlight—with the wedding of the century?

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Check out my Printable Book List!

May 9, 2020

Thanks to the magic genies (actually, they’re real, hardworking people) at Waxcreative, I now have a Printable Book List feature on my site!

I’m super excited. Until now, I was keeping a spreadsheet and trying to be diligent about updating it and including it with my newsletter. We no longer have to rely on my beleaguered brain to remember. It’s all done auto-magically and you can be assured that you’re getting the latest and greatest version when you print it.

Click on the image to view it:

Wait, don’t guess yet. You can sort by publisher, series, release date and more! Do you want all my titles sorted A-X? (I don’t yet have a title that starts with ‘Z’.) Yes! You can sort alphabetically. If you’re in the mood for a bundle or a short, check out the Book Type feature.

So many options, so easy for both of us! Yay!

Check out your options here