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Her Impossible Baby Bombshell lands today!

May 25, 2021

In case you missed my email a few days ago, Harlequin has changed their release dates a little. Now the digital and print release dates are the same day–the last Tuesday of the month. Did I mention that important detail in my email the other day? Don’t be ridiculous. That would be too sensible.

Once we’re all used to this new schedule, I think it will be a lot simpler so yay! Most importantly, it means you can have this ebook delivered into your hot little hands a few days sooner than you used to receive it.

Her Impossible Baby Bombshell is your basic sweet, hot, dramatic, heart wrenching, adorable secret baby/marriage of convenience escape to Singapore and Shanghai. I hope you love it!

Here’s what they’re saying on Goodreads:

“An unlikely connection sets the pages on fire!” ~ Lynn, Goodreads

You can start reading here.

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Harlequin Release Date Changes

May 22, 2021

You’ve probably heard that Harlequin Mills & Boon has changed their release dates so the digital release will coincide with the print book going on sale. (I wrote this ages ago and just realized it hadn’t posted.) You can still get titles early if you buy directly from Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK.

Here’s when my next few books will release:

Her Impossible Baby Bombshell

May 1 – Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK
May 25 – Print and Digital (Order Links are Here)

Married for One Reason Only

(Book One in the Secret Sisters Duet)

Jul 1 – Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK
July 27 – Print and Digital (Order Links are Here)

Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion

(Book Two in the Secret Sisters Duet)

Aug 1 – Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK
Aug 24 – Print and Digital (Order Links are Here)


One Snowbound New Year’s Night

Dec 1 – Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK
Dec 28 – Print and Digital (Order Links are Here)

Early Delivery of Her Impossible Baby Bombshell

May 1, 2021

I had the highest praise from a fan who wrote to tell me this one was “sigh” awesome and she’d already put it on her keeper shelf. (Picture me clutching my chest and blinking back tears.)

When I started this book, I wanted to flip the unplanned pregnancy onto the hero. Romance heroes are always shocked to discover that sex makes babies–seriously, we gotta distribute some information pamphlets or something–but in this case Jun Li has every reason to be stunned. He had a vasectomy when he was in university.

Ivy isn’t looking to obligate him. She wants some health information and figures he should, you know, be careful in future. Of course, his head is exploding because this was never supposed to happen. Now that it has, well, they’re in for a marriage of convenience, sexy times and some drama that I won’t spoil. I hope you enjoy it!

Her Impossible Baby Bombshell releases May 25th, but you can get it today if you shop or Mills & Boon UK.

In Too Deep – 99c for a few days only

Apr 26, 2021

Need a quick, cheap get away? Check into Blue Spruce Lodge, a very affordable place to visit, especially right now. In Too Deep, the third book in this sexy, funny, emotional trilogy is only 99c.

When I was writing From The Top, I had Trigg confide in Nate that he’d had a teen pregnancy scare.

Wait a minute, I thought almost immediately. What if that scare had actually turned into a baby? One who turns up to throw the extremely confident and very confirmed bachelor, Trigg, into a tailspin?

Writing In Too Deep was almost too fun. Trigg seriously doesn’t know how to be a father of a child of any age, let alone a girl hitting adolescence. Sky is a handful at the best of times and here comes pre-teen drama in spades!

What I didn’t know until I’d written the ending of From The Top was what kind of heroine Trigg was getting. All I knew was that the girl who’d been pregnant had had a father who forced her to go through with the pregnancy.

Somehow Wren appeared as that girl’s sister. She’s mousy and way too young to be raising a twelve-year-old, but so resilient and determined to do right by her sister’s kid. Trigg is a handful in his own way and she needed to be tough enough to stand up to him, which she does. And he falls for her. Hard. Sky is not happy.

In some ways, this is a love triangle with all three of them figuring out their role in this family they’re forming. I hope you enjoy it!

If you like to read in order, you’ll want the first two books in the Blue Spruce Lodge trilogy On The Edge and From The Top.

Blue Spruce Lodge is a five-star destination for jetsetters seeking ski-in/ski out accommodation on the newly restored Whiskey Jack Ski Resort.

Or it will be, just as soon as the Johansson brothers, alpine and snowboard champions, find someone to renovate the lodge, dig the resort out from an old avalanche, conquer the protests of hostile locals, and hopefully avoid killing each other in the process.

There is absolutely no room for love at this inn. Or is there?

Here are your quick links for In Too Deep:

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Two covers too glamorous for Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion

Apr 24, 2021

Talk about setting a mood!

I’m in love with these covers for Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion, in which Nina takes refuge with the man who broke her heart.

He can’t turn her away, and it has nothing to do with the media storm outside his penthouse!

She left him.

That doesn’t mean she’s forgotten him.

When paparazzi mistake Nina Menendez for a supermodel, she takes refuge in her ex’s New York penthouse. Big mistake. Guarded Reve Weston is incapable of emotional intimacy—and is intensely seductive…

Reve has had enough of scandal. To keep his name out of the tabloids, he insists Nina stay with him. But as their spark reignites and she shares the mysteries of her past, Reve realizes if he can’t give Nina the fairy tale she dreams of, he’ll have to let her go…for good!

Be sure to look for Married for One Reason Only, Book One in the Secret Sisters duet, where Oriel discovers she’s the secret daughter of a Bollywood superstar–and she has a twin?

Multi-Author Category Romance Contest

Apr 17, 2021

I’m so thrilled to be teaming up with some of my favorite romance author friends to bring you this amazing chance to win a baker’s dozen of fun, sexy, swoony category romances.

Most importantly, you’ll have forty chances to win! The grand prize winner will receive all thirteen books (electronically.) Thirty-nine more winners will receive a digital copy of one of these books, chosen randomly:

You’ll find the rafflecopter link with terms and conditions here. To enter, you can choose to follow authors on Facebook, Twitter, or join their newsletters.

Fun fact, when you join mine, you automagically get a link to download Cruel Summer, a short story romance I wrote just for my newsletter readers.

Deadline to enter: May 15, 2021

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Scandal Befitting a Princess – Free Read on

Apr 12, 2021

If you enjoyed Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation, perhaps you’d enjoy a Scandal Befitting a Princess?

This free online read has been posting on Mills & Boon’s site since the first week of April, but it has now started posting on Don’t hate me, but there are twenty chapters that post (I think) three a week. I’ll let you know when it’s all available in case you prefer to read the whole thing at once.

Scandal Befitting a Princess stars Sofia, the twin for whom Luca gives up his crown in Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation. She is falling for Laszlo, but things are very complicated when you suddenly become a queen.

Here’s the official blurb which is really just a teaser because it’s a short, fast-paced story:

When her brother is disgraced, Princess Sofia must be crowned Queen. Can she have love and the throne or will her own scandal ruin both?

I hope you enjoy this sexy side-dish to the Signed, Sealed…Seduced trilogy. After you read this and my Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation, you’ll want to check out:

Cinderella’s Night in Venice by Clare Connelly and The Playboy’s “I Do” Deal by Tara Pammi.

Start Reading Online Here

Scandal Befitting a Princess – Find out what happens to Sofia!

Apr 2, 2021

When I wrote Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation, I was dying to explore Luca’s relationship with his sister, Sofia. You don’t sacrifice a throne for someone who isn’t worthy so I wanted to know her better.

Thankfully, my editor suggested I write this novella where Sofia reacts to Luca’s scandal and takes the throne. Also thankfully, I had had her make what I thought was a throw-away comment in the book about how she had sat in a hotel room worried about a possible pregnancy. When did that happen? Who was the potential father?

I got to answer all those questions in this very fast-paced, free online read which I thought was posting to on April 12th, but has begun posting on Mills and Boon UK here.


Her brother is disgraced and now Princess Sofia must be crowned the rightful queen of Vallia. Duty must come above all else, but why can’t she let Laszlo Fabin, a man so wrong yet so right, go? Can she have love and the throne, or will she face her own scandal?

This short novella ties into the Signed, Sealed…Seduced multi-author trilogy I wrote with Clare Connelly and Tara Pammi.

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Are you all caught up on Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation?

Apr 1, 2021

Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation releases today! Yay! Happy Book Birthday to me!

I’m so excited for this one to land in your hot little hands. When I say ‘hot’ I mean hot. It’s very sexy, but also heartfelt and emotional and–fun fact–is the first book in Signed, Sealed…Seduced, a multi-author trilogy written with Clare Connelly and Tara Pammi. Three best friends from boarding school start London Connection, an up and coming PR agency serving an exclusive clientele.

Here’s what they’re saying on Netgalley:

Ms Collins wrote a wonderful, passionate, emotional and intriguing story that is definitely not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with off the charts sizzling chemistry, intense emotions, and endearing characters giving Amy and Luca a chance at a future together. I highly recommend Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation to other readers. ~ 5 stars, Eileen

This is the official back cover copy:

“Ruin me.”
And she’ll enjoy every delicious second!

The king of Vallia never wanted to ascend to the throne. But in order to abdicate, Luca needs a good, old-fashioned disgrace. That’s where powerhouse PR pro Amy Miller comes in! Amy’s revived the career of many a star. She can certainly torpedo that of a reluctant royal.

But when instant attraction ignites with Luca, Amy’s soon starring in the scandal. And the fire burning between them is anything but fake news. But will this explosive flame be extinguished by what’s hidden in Amy’s past?

Want to get your hands on Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation? All your quick links are here.

Or Start Reading here.

Super Cute Cover Alert

Mar 27, 2021

I usually get my North American cover first. That’s why my icon still says ‘cover coming soon’, but I just received the *cutest* cover for the UK edition of Married for One Reason Only and had to share it with you.

Oriel knows she’s adopted, but she had no idea she was the daughter of a Bollywood legend until Vijay shows up and rocks her world–in more ways than one. Now they’re expecting a baby and rushing into marriage, both bringing a few suitcases of baggage that will have to be unpacked before they can live happily ever after.

(Would you expect anything else from one of my books?)

Married for One Reason Only is Book One in my Secret Sisters duet. Along with all the other things Oriel didn’t know is the fact she has a twin. I can’t wait to share these dramatic, scandalous, sexy stories with you.

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