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Goodreads Giveaway! – Enter to win The Prospector’s Only Prospect

Mar 5, 2023

Did you know you can enter to win one of two signed copies of The Prospector’s Only Prospect over on Goodreads? The contest closes on Mar 23, 2023. Don’t miss it!

The wrong mail-order bride is delivered to a grumpy single-dad in this tender, funny historical romance set in Denver’s gold rush. Signed by Author!

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Claim A Convenient Ring to Claim Her today!

Feb 28, 2023

Quinn and Micah are everywhere!  A Convenient Ring to Claim releases on all platforms today! Hooray!

Book Three in my Four Weddings and a Baby quartet is one of my favorite books ever and I had the loveliest response from a reader on Facebook. She said:

“I loved how they love each other…I purposely didn’t read it in one sitting cause I didn’t want it to end…” 

Yeah, I’m over here crying. What do you think?

Here’s the official blurb:

Will the billionaire finally say “I do”?

Find out in this intense marriage of convenience from USA TODAY bestselling author Dani Collins.

The proposal…
…she vowed never to accept!

Life has taught orphan Quinn Harper to trust only herself. So, whilst her secret fling with billionaire Micah Gould was her first taste of passion, it wasn’t supposed to last forever. Although it gets harder and harder to pull herself away from his bed…

The abominable actions of Micah’s father have left a permanent mark. Love isn’t in his future. Then his relationship with Quinn is suddenly exposed and, in Berlin, a new possibility presents itself. Quinn could be the convenient bride Micah needs…but can he be what she deserves?

Read all the Four Weddings and a Baby books:

Book 1: Cinderella’s Secret Baby
Book 2: Wedding Night with the Wrong Billionaire
Book 3: A Convenient Ring to Claim Her
Book 4: A Baby to Make Her His Bride

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Enter for a chance to win The Prospector’s Only Prospect!

Feb 13, 2023

Exciting News!

I’ve teamed up with 50 fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Historical Romances to 2 lucky winners!

The Grand Prize winner gets a BRAND NEW eReader!

You could win The Prospector’s Only Prospect, plus a plethora of other, awesome historical romances.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here.

Good luck and enjoy!

My first *starred* review from PW!

Feb 9, 2023

“…a delightful twist on the mail order bride trope…”

I’m super excited! The Prospector’s Only Prospect was not only reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly, they gave it a *star*. They said:

“Collins mines the setting for both danger and humor, providing the perfect backdrop to this sensuous romance. Readers won’t want to put this down.”

I’ve also had some super nice early reviews on Netgalley, including one member who said:

“I have not cried this hard over a book in a long time but Dani Collins took my heart, grew it 12 sizes, crushed it, ran it through a sluice box, panned the gold out of it, and then reformed it into a bigger, more beautiful heart.”

I need to send a big thank you to the whole team at Entangled Publishing for all their hard work in helping me make this book the very best it could be.

Here’s the whole review: Publisher’s Weekly.

You can preorder The Prospector’s Only Prospect here.

Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation – $1.99 for a limited time!

Feb 6, 2023

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

From Feb 6-15th, Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation is $1.99 on all platforms.

Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation was a fun project for me. It’s the first book in Signed, Sealed…Seduced, a multi-author trilogy written with Clare Connelly and Tara Pammi. Three best friends from boarding school start London Connection, an up and coming PR agency serving an exclusive clientele.

When Amy gets the call from King Luca, he asks for the last things she expects:

“Ruin me.”

And she’ll enjoy every delicious second!

The king of Vallia never wanted to ascend to the throne. But in order to abdicate, Luca needs a good, old-fashioned disgrace. That’s where powerhouse PR pro Amy Miller comes in! Amy’s revived the career of many a star. She can certainly torpedo that of a reluctant royal.

But when instant attraction ignites with Luca, Amy’s soon starring in the scandal. And the fire burning between them is anything but fake news. But will this explosive flame be extinguished by what’s hidden in Amy’s past?

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Make and early claim on A Convenient Ring to Claim Her

Feb 1, 2023

Are you waiting (im)patiently for Book Three in my Four Weddings and a Baby quartet? Good news! You can get A Convenient Ring to Claim her today if you shop Harlequin or Mills & Boon UK.

Quinn and Micah are one of my favorite couples ever. First of all, they’re having a secret affair. Who doesn’t love that? They’re deeply in love and *will not* admit it, even to themselves. They have a horrible fight and Quinn gets injured and Micah gets to feel awful about it.

And there’s an epilogue that will leave you with a huge lump in your throat. Promise!

What are you waiting for? Grab it from Harlequin or Mills & Boon UK today.

(Or click here for more preorder links. A Convenient Ring to Claim will release on all platforms Feb 28th.)

Netgalley Reviewers! The Prospector’s Only Prospect is Available

Jan 28, 2023

Are you a reviewer on Netgalley? Would you like an early peek at a grumpy single-dad and a spicy mail-order bride who actually doesn’t want to get married again set against the Colorado gold rush?

My historical Western, The Prospector’s Only Prospect, is available there for early review. Check it out here.

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The Prospector’s Only Prospect releases March 28th.

If you’re not a Netgalley reviewer, you can:

Limited Time Price Drop! Married For One Reason Only $1.99

Jan 17, 2023

Goodbye January Blues. I have the cure right here!

Married for One Reason Only is on sale for $1.99, but only for the next few days, Jan 17-20, 2023.

Married for One Reason Only is the first book in my Secret Sisters duet–twins separated at birth by an evil villain.

I love everything about these books! The intrigue and passion and sexy heroes and the wonderful reunion of the sisters who didn’t even know about each other until this book starts to pick apart their past. Here’s the blurb:

Convenient vows…

…for their baby’s sake!

His brief was simple: confirm whether model Oriel Cuvier is the secret daughter of a Bollywood legend. But when billionaire security specialist Vijay Sahir locks eyes with Oriel, all thoughts of work disappear—leading to a few stolen hours where all rules are broken…

Weeks later, Oriel gets two life-changing surprises. First, the truth about her birth mother. Second, she’s pregnant with Vijay’s child! He demands marriage, but can she really promise to honor and cherish him when, until now, all they’ve shared is one extraordinary encounter?

Be sure to read Book Two in the Secret Sisters duet, Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion.

Hurry to get Married for One Reason Only on sale for $1.99 today! (Sale ends Jan 20, 2023.)

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Blurb Reveal for The Prospector’s Only Prospect!

Jan 9, 2023

Ordering a bride was supposed to be easy…

I’m so thrilled to share the full, official blurb for The Prospector’s Only Prospect, along with the cover flat for the print version, which is ever so pretty.

After eight days in a cramped stagecoach, divorcée Marigold Davis already regrets her decision to come to Denver City to marry. She certainly didn’t realize she’d signed up for mosquitos, mud, and scores of rough men eyeing her like a hot meal on a cold day. But with her life in Kansas all but incinerated, Marigold needs a husband. Even if she’s not the bride that gold prospector Virgil Gardner is expecting…

Virgil Gardner has a reputation as a grumpy hard-ass, and he’s fine with it. He’s also no fool – this is not the woman he agreed to marry. It takes a tough-as-nails woman to survive the harshness of a Rocky Mountain gold claim, and this whiskey-eyed, gentle beauty is certainly not the type. Now it’s just a matter of how quickly she’ll quit, so he can find a wife who will stick. Someone who can care for the only thing he values even more than gold–his children.

But Marigold isn’t about to give in. Cramped in a one room shack. Berry picking turned into a bear escape. Or, cooking for an entire crew of bottomless pits. She’s got more grit than most. And just when Virgil starts to realize his replacement bride might be the treasure he’s been looking for, an unannounced guest arrives… to change everything.

I’m very excited for you to read The Prospector’s Only Prospect which has lots of my favorite ingredients: a grumpy hero, a cheeky heroine, nature and children and interfering secondary characters. Also a slow-burn romance that gets hot, hot, hot and a sigh-worthy ending.

The Prospector’s Only Prospect releases March 28th.

While you’re waiting, you can:

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Beauty and Her One-Night Baby is on sale at Amazon US for $2.99!

Jan 5, 2023

Happily, I’m starting 2023 with a promotion on one of my top-selling books! And it seems to be on sale on both Amazon US and Canada. (Amazon won’t show me the kindle price overseas.)

Beauty and Her One-Night Baby has one of my favorite opening lines: Her water broke.

Javiero doesn’t even know Scarlett is pregnant, let alone that it’s his baby, but suddenly he’s in the hospital with her, watching her deliver. He has history with Scarlett, obviously, but she works for his recently deceased father. They’re very much at odds, but he wants his son. Here’s the blurb:

From irresistible beast in the bedroom…

to father of her child!

The first time Javiero Rodriguez sees CEO Scarlett Walker after their impassioned night together, she’s in labor with his baby! No matter how shocking the surprise, Javiero won’t let his son grow up in a broken home like he did.

Scarlett has worked hard for independence and she can’t accept empty vows. Yet the scars Javiero gained in a jaguar attack haven’t lessened the tycoon’s rugged appeal. Which means every day is a heated reminder of the pleasure they shared…and could share again!

Look for Javiero’s brother’s story in A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him, where illegitimate Val discovers sensitive artist Kiara kept his daughter a secret for nearly three years!

Beauty and Her One-Night Baby can be read as a stand-alone, but it is the second in my Feuding Billionaire Brothers. If you like to read in order, you’ll want to read A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him first.

The sale runs through January. Get your copy for 2.99 here!