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Have you seen this cover?

Apr 8, 2024

I’m thrilled to finally share the cover for The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot with you! Isn’t it gorgeous?

One of the most common questions I’ve received since The Prospector’s Only Prospect is “Will Pearl get her own book?”

Um, yes? But not in this book.

In this one, Owen meets his match with Temperance, wanna-be schoolteacher turned saloon girl. Through no fault of her own–okay some fault–she is stuck in Denver and must rely on a man who she is pretty sure is out to ruin her, same as the last man she trusted.

Here’s the official blurb:

Can a charming saloon keeper convince a ruined barmaid he’s a sure bet?

Scandal has taught aspiring school teacher Temperance Goodrich to never trust a man. Stranded in lawless Denver City, she’ll do anything to earn enough to return home before winter–even work as a saloon girl. But entertaining rough men who are starved for female company isn’t easy, and time is running out.

When Owen Stames finally finds a claim that pays, he’s determined to prove the naysayers wrong and open his own saloon before the gold runs out. Too bad the sole vacant building is a former funeral parlor, and the only available employee is the prickly city girl who’s been fired from every bar in town.

Temperance is wary of Owen, especially when the accommodation he offers is a bed they must share. But when a brazen robbery nearly costs them everything, they realize they only have one shot at love… so they’d better take it.

True love is worth more than gold in this delightful followup to The Prospector’s Only Prospect.

A hot deal on a hot book…

Apr 4, 2024

Have you been curious since I mentioned those super spicy historical romances I wrote in the collection called Aphrodite in Bloom?

Good news! For the month of April, you can get the entire collection for 99c!

Don’t miss this extraordinary collection…

…of twelve inventive and sophisticated stories guaranteed to awaken the forbidden desires of a new generation. From the sweetly romantic to the sublimely taboo, each provocative novella offers an opportunity to explore your most secret fantasies.

A virgin receives an especially satisfying gift at a masked ball…

A duke offers to settle a man’s debt for one night with his wife…

As an introduction to a secret club, a viscount’s heir is made over into a woman—and discovers her true self…

Plus nine more sensual stories of libidinous lust, catering to the tastes of varying sexual appetites. Whatever your fancy, Aphrodite in Bloom is ready and willing to serve…

Hooray! The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby is here!

Mar 26, 2024

Have you been waiting for Sasha and Rafael’s story? Get ready then because The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby is here!

I had so much fun with this one, pulling out all the stops on drama and tropes–marriage of convenience, car crash, fake amnesia, a secret baby that’s being carried by a surrogate, a different secret baby…

Most of all it’s about two people who are in love and are so hurt by their pasts they don’t know how to express it to each other.

Helen on Goodreads gave it 5 stars and said:

“…I loved this one, such wonderful characters and the settings are gorgeous and the emotion and sensuality are so strong throughout the story, I do highly recommend this one to any romance reader you are sure to be turning the pages and left smiling. Another keeper from Dani Collins…”

The Bachelor’s Baby is Free today!

Mar 20, 2024

Fun News! March continues to be all things babies over here as The Bachelor’s Baby gets marked down to FREE from March 20-24.

If you’ve never read this one about Linc and Meg, it’s a hoot as Meg tricks Linc into volunteering for the bachelor auction then feels bad so she bids on him. You’ll never guess (from the title) what happens when they go on their date.

The Bachelor’s Baby is Book Three in my Love in Montana series but can definitely be read as a stand alone. I hope you’ll give it a try and fall in love with all things Montana.

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Have you got your Bonus Epilogue?

Mar 15, 2024

Did you know there’s a bonus epilogue for Marrying the Nanny?

It takes place five years in the future and it gives away a tiny spoiler, but I wanted readers to know that Reid remembered his promise to Emma on their wedding day.

It’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy and very happily-ever-after. If you don’t already belong to my newsletter, you’ll have to join, but you can unsubscribe anytime.

Get Nanny Epilogue

Haven’t heard of Marrying the Nanny or my Raven’s Cove trilogy? Start reading here.

Marrying the Nanny is available in print and digital right now. Watch for Forgiving Her First Love in July and Wanting a Family Man in October.

Hooray! Marrying the Nanny is here!!

Mar 5, 2024

After what feels like the longest pregnancy on record–six years–baby Storm has finally arrived. Marrying the Nanny, aka Three Men and a Baby on an Island, aka Book One in my Raven’s Cove trilogy, is finally here!!

I’ve been biting my nails, waiting for the early reviews and I’ve been thrilled with the reader response so far. Here’s what they’re saying on Goodreads:

“Collins is a new to me author and I absolutely fell in love with everything about this book – the writing style, the characters and the story.” ~ 5 stars, Ellie

“I was enthralled in the story from the very first page. Could not put it down, and I cannot wait for the next installment.” ~ 5 stars, DeeAnn

“The setting is amazing and makes you want to be in Raven’s Cove, the characters are all so lovable and relatable you can’t help but root for them and crave to read all of their stories.” ~ 5 stars, Sara

Are you ready to visit Raven’s Cove?  Marrying the Nanny releases today on all digital platforms. Print version will be available within a few days. Be sure to return for Forgiving Her First Love in Jul and Wanting a Family Man in Oct.

Do you want The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby early?

Mar 1, 2024

In the absolute madness that is my release schedule this year, I’ve barely mentioned The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby, even though it’s a book I absolutely adore.

When my editor asked if I had any ideas for a duet, I said, “I’ve been thinking about writing something with a surrogate pregnancy?” I was mostly thinking about the woman who carries the pregnancy when I pitched it. It was only as I began writing the first book that I realized I needed to know more about both women and why they have chosen this route.

Sasha was born into wealth, but her stepfather was very controlling. She acted out, ran away, and when her stepfather was about to pressure her into marriage, she married Rafael.

Rafael was not born into wealth. He and Sasha have an immediate physical connection, but they both hide behind it while they become a dynamic power couple–only to struggle when it comes time to conceive.

Bringing Molly into the picture is a godsend for Sasha. She and Molly have a sister-like closeness from when Sasha ran away (I’m trying not to give away any spoilers here.) Rafael feels threatened by their closeness, but having Molly carry their baby seems the only way to have a family.

Unfortunately, ~stuff happens~. There’s a car crash and Sasha pretends to lose her memory. Rafael is struggling to hold onto the fortune he spent his entire marriage building, the one he thinks is the thing that makes him *good enough* for Sasha. Molly has a whole :secret life: while carrying their baby (see: The Baby His Secretary Carries) and if you’ve read that book, you have an idea what the secret is that Sasha is so desperate to hide.

This book is brimming with drama and passion and a hero and heroine who are married and deeply in love and don’t have the sense to know it, let alone admit it aloud. I hope you love it as much as I do.

If you’re anxious to get your hands on it, good news! You can get it today from or Mills & Boon UK.

Are you ready to visit Raven’s Cove?

Feb 13, 2024

It is a true fact that I have a lot of books out this year. But this one is special. The whole Raven’s Cove trilogy is.

They started when my aunt showed me photos of her visit to the island where my cousin had been working for more than a decade, in a remote part of Canada’s west coast. Denny Island is a tiny fishing village that you can only reach by ferry, boat or plane. I instantly thought, “What a great place to set a book.”

Story wise, I’d been noodling something with three brothers and came up with: Three Men and a Baby on an Island.

I sat on it for close to a year. Then, in 2018, my husband and I went to visit for a few days. It was a journey and a half to get there and so worth it. That corner of the world is beautiful and rugged and the village was tiny enough that everyone knows everyone’s business–my favorite kind of setting for a story.

I came home and began to write, but things got in the way—other books and life and pandemic and loss. Sadly, my aunt passed, then my cousin. I can’t look at the covers, with their oceanside scenery, without thinking of Auntie Honey and Lorne.

But these books are also a celebration of deep, intrinsic parts of me. Both of my grandfathers and my dad were gillnetters. They all visited that same tiny village as they traveled up the coast to fish. These stories became a love letter to this special part of Canada and my childhood and relatives I remember with deep, deep fondness.

I really hope you’ll visit Raven’s Cove with Marrying the Nanny, then come back for Forgiving Her First Love in Jul and Book Three (untitled) which releases Oct 1.

Spend the summer in Raven’s Cove! You won’t regret it.

Want a signed copy of Marrying the Nanny?

Feb 9, 2024

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 signed copies of Marrying the Nanny over on Goodreads. US or Canada only, I’m afraid. They didn’t give me any other choices. Closes Feb 21 so hurry!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Marrying the Nanny by Dani Collins

Marrying the Nanny

by Dani Collins

Giveaway ends February 21, 2024.

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The Prospector is 99c!

Feb 3, 2024

Eureka! The Prospector’s Only Prospect is 99c!

Act fast!

If you haven’t read my gold-rush in Denver historical romance, here’s what you’re missing:

“I’m obsessed. This is exactly what I’ve wanted in historical romance. It has the tension that the purity culture of the past provides, while allowing for more exploration than regency romance has.” ~ 5 stars, Alli on Goodreads

“I loved this! The Prospector’s Only Prospect was such an entertaining and fun read. I loved the characters, the time period, and the playful banter. It was a delight! It had a great flow and I liked the dual POVs. There was just the right amount of emotion with a little drama and quite a bit of heat. It made me ridiculously happy to read!” ~ 5 stars, Gretchen on Amazon


After eight days in a cramped stagecoach, divorcée Marigold Davis already regrets her decision to come to Denver City to marry, but with her life in Kansas all but incinerated, she needs a husband. Even if she’s not the bride that gold prospector Virgil Gardner is expecting…

Grumpy hard-ss Virgil is no fool. This is not the woman he agreed to marry. It takes a tough-as-nails woman to survive the harshness of a Rocky Mountain gold claim, and this whiskey-eyed, gentle beauty is not the type. Now it’s just a matter of how quickly she’ll quit so he can find a wife who will stick. Someone who can care for the only thing he values more than gold–his children.

If you haven’t read The Prospector’s Only Prospect, grab it quick for 99c.

If you have read it, let me know if you want more! I’m still working on The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot. Should I make it more of a priority? Let me know!