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UK Readers! Get this amazing 3-in-1 today!

Dec 26, 2019

Are you in the UK?

Through the magic of Modern publishing… (that’s a play on words. My books are published as Mills and Boon Modern in the UK) three of my titles have been bundled into a collection called Secrets and Lies.

This fun collection releases Dec 26th and contains:

His Mistress with Two Secrets

A fling with tycoon Henri Sauveterre, leaves Cinnia Whitley pregnant…with twins! Not wanting to be bound to a past mistake she keeps it a secret. But when Henri discovers her deception he’s determind to make Cinnia his wife, and show her just how pleasurable their reunion can be!

More Than a Convenient Marriage?

Rich, powerful, with a beautiful wife, Greek shipping magnate Gideon Vozaras has it all. Except his perfect life is a façade…. Gideon can’t afford the public scrutiny of divorce, but if his past has taught him anything it’s to fight dirty to keep what’s his–including his wife Adara!

Fun fact: in the U.S., this one is already a 2-in-1

A Debt Paid in Passion

Raoul Zesiger has everything a man could want – including Sirena Abbott, the perfect PA. Until their professional relationship gives way to one hot, impassioned night… and then he has her arrested for embezzlement! But what will happen when Raoul uncovers the truth behind her theft?

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Check Out My Gorgeous May 2020 Cover for the UK!

Dec 14, 2019

I can’t recall ever getting my UK cover before my North American one, which is why the cute little icon with all my buy links is showing my generic green one.

But I’m so thrilled with Kiara and Val I had to show you right now! How stunning is she with the gold and those jewels?

p.s. I am very excited for the release of this one. Val is one of those heroes who is just wretched and in desperate need of love. Kiara is a sensitive artist, sweet and kind and yet she stands up to him when she has to. Here’s the official blurb:

She kept their child hidden…

Now the secret’s out!

Valentino Casale is outraged to find Kiara kept their daughter a secret from him for two years! Forever branded by his own illegitimacy, the hardened billionaire wants to do things differently…

Kiara could never regret the consequence of her one delicious night with Val. Even if he turned out to be every bit as coldhearted as their night was hot! Yet behind Val’s reputation is another man—revealed only in their passionate moments alone. Could she give that man a second chance?

Pre-Order Links


Fun Fact: This book is part of a duet. Val’s half-brother, Javiero, discovers he’s about to become a father when Scarlett goes into labor in Beauty and Her One-Night Baby. That one comes out in June.

NOTE: In the UK, print editions for this one will be sold as a 2-in-1. This title will be paired with The Greek’s Unknown Bride by the marvelous Abby Green.

Have you seen these adorable extras?

Dec 5, 2019

I’m late reminding you to download your Advent calendar! #sorry

When I wrote His Christmas Miracle, I had this cute Advent calendar kit made up so you can print it at home and make it with your little elves!

Tap the tree image or

Click here to download the Advent Calendar now


And did you know I have this adorable book trailer for His Christmas Miracle?

I promise it will put you in the Christmas spirit and may even make you want to go read (or reread?) Quincy and Nicki’s story.


Get The Maid’s Spanish Secret for $1.99 Today

Dec 4, 2019

Great news! The Maid’s Spanish Secret is on sale for $1.99 starting today until Dec 11, 2019.

I recently saw a review for The Maid’s Spanish Secret on Goodreads that made me chuckle. It called my writing style ‘ornate.’ Some of the most common writing advice any aspiring author will hear is ‘Keep It Simple.’ I try, but I always manage to complicate things so I very much appreciate that Kay on Goodreads appreciates my curlicues and digressions:

“Collins’s Maid’s Spanish Secret is a blast, fun, funny, and ornately written. In turn, I was immersed in and moved by Rico and Poppy’s journey to their HEA. I don’t read as many HPs as I used to, but I’ll always read a Collins. And if you read one this year, make it The Maid’s Spanish Secret.”

Here’s the blurb:

“You will come to Spain. You will marry me…”
He will claim his heir…

For sweet maid Poppy Harris, her one and only passionate experience was scorching and absolutely forbidden. She shouldn’t have succumbed to Spanish aristocrat Rico Montero’s tantalizing seduction, but his touch was all consuming…and had a nine-month consequence! Poppy believes they could never be anything more. Until Rico appears on her doorstep demanding his hidden daughter—and determined to make Poppy his wife!

I hope you enjoy this intensely dramatic marriage of convenience! All your buy links are here.

Have you read the hidden Christmas Romance in On The Edge?

Dec 1, 2019

Did you know there’s a Christmas novella written into my first Blue Spruce Lodge book, On The Edge?

Glory, the heroine, is a closeted romance author who writes a romance called Blessed Winter as her romance with Rolf is unfolding. Blessed Winter is a No Room at the Inn Christmas tale complete with dramatic home birth!

Glory bases her hero on Rolf–who is old-school Romance hero Alpha. Very gruff and inaccessible, but when he gives his heart, he’s all in. I hope you enjoy it!

Buy links for On The Edge are here


Fun Fact: Blessed Winter is a follow up to Cruel Summer, the short story romance you get as a welcome give when you sign up for my newsletter.

Find Your Perfect Christmas Romance Here

Nov 27, 2019

Have you missed any of my holiday titles? They’re listed below with a heat rating, since you might prefer Christmas stories with no naughtiness on the page.

Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet is a sweet, light romance with no swears and only a kiss toward the end. Finn catches up with his college sweetheart, Kristen, while getting roped into carolling, decorating and planning a secret wedding at Mistletoe Chalet.

His Christmas Miracle is my favourite Christmas book that I’ve written. I had so much fun with the advent calendar of activities that Nicki uses to help Quincy bond with his four-year-old son, Atlas. There is a love scene toward the end, but I hope you’ll give this one a try. It’s very heartfelt and heartwarming.

Claiming His Christmas Wife is on the sexier side with several love scenes, but the language is all PG. I adore Imogen. She’s had such a rough go and really deserves her happily ever after.

Blame the Mistletoe has some f-bombs and a couple of very sexy scenes, but it’s light and funny while also being very emotional. Family is complicated, especially at Christmas!

3-Day Sale on Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet – Hurry!

Nov 7, 2019

Exciting news! For the next few days, Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet will drop to 99c.

This second-chance at first love is a very light, sweet romance between a pair of college sweethearts who fell apart and grew apart, but were always meant to be. Kristen thinks she’s on her own for Christmas so she takes a temporary job with Mistletoe Chalet, a family run ski lodge in the Montana Rockies. Dr. Finn is on his way home for the holidays for the first time in forever. He detours to see Kristen expecting to make amends for their long ago break up, but he’s soon conscripted into decorating, carolling, and planning a secret wedding!

When Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet came out last year, Marsha at Vine Voice said:

There is a lot going on in this story, yet at the heart of it are two people who never really let go of the love they once had and now get the chance to see if it really is the forever kind of love they both are believing in. I enjoyed everything about this story, from the merrily decorated chalet, to the snowed in atmosphere, to one adorable tween with a plan, to Kristen and Finn discovering that love can work if you give it a chance. If you’re in the mood for a very good Christmas Romance then this is one I’d happily recommend.

The 99c price drop is a limited time offer so scoop it up today!

Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal is here! Did you get your copy?

Nov 1, 2019

Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal should be hitting your eReader today. Not there? Don’t worry, the links are below.

Since I knew Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal would be coming out around October/November, I gave it a Halloween twist by opening it at a masked ball.

Pia is having a small life crisis, wondering if she should succumb to the arranged marriage her mother wants for her or pursue that nebulous thing called ‘happiness.’ She meets Angelo on a rooftop patio. He’s there to steal something more than Pia’s virginity, but that happens (very much with her blessing.)

They’re strangers in the night expecting never to see one another again, but soon Pia has to track him down because the pregnancy test shows positive! Oops. She’s an introvert from an aristocratic family who is hyper-conscious of duty. He’s a devilish bastard seeking revenge on his terrible brothers–but he wants his baby and he wants Pia. They’re a terrible match with a miracle on their hands. What now?

Brenda on Goodreads gave it 5 stars and said:

I loved Angelo. There was a lot of depth in his character. Despite his quest for revenge and forcing his hand with Pia and overall a complete alpha, he still understood her insecurities and was caring and tender toward her.

Intrigued? You can find all the links here.

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Christmas is early this year! His Christmas Miracle is Free for a limited time.

Oct 18, 2019

I know it’s early to talk Christmas, but you only have a few days to pick up His Christmas Miracle for *free*.

His Christmas Miracle is one of my favourite stories ever. Quincy learns he has a four-year-old son after little Atlas’s mom passes away. He doesn’t have a clue how to be a father, but he moves with his own father to Marietta, Montana and give it his best shot.

Nicki is feeling like a failure after giving up her acting career. She answers an ad for a nanny and sees right away that Quincy is out of his depth. She sets up an Advent calendar of activities to help the two bond and soon falls for all the Ryan men. But what happens when she gets the chance to resume her Hollywood dreams?

Fun facts:

  • There’s a book trailer for this story. Watch now.
  • There’s an Advent calendar kit you can make with your own family. Download now.

Full disclosure: His Christmas Miracle isn’t showing free on Amazon yet. If you ask them to price match, you’ll be doing me a huge favour. Sometimes they drag their feet and need a nudge.

Download His Christmas Miracle now.

How cute is Cinderella in the UK?

Oct 17, 2019

I just saw the UK cover for Cinderella’s Royal Seduction and it’s so cute! Check it out:

His until midnight

Will she wear his crown?

Sopi is exhausted! With Prince Rhys Charlemaine staying nearby, the luxury spa she calls home is overflowing with aspiring princesses! It’s frantic…until working all hours leads to a late-night encounter with charismatic Rhys himself…

Untouched Sopi gives herself one chance to feel like a princess in Rhys’s arms. She knows it cannot go further, until Rhys stuns her with his convenient proposal! He promises exquisite pleasure, but Sopi has seen the man behind his royal mask—dare she believe he wants her for more than desire?

This one comes out Feb 1, 2020, but you’ll be able to get it at *midnight* (couldn’t resist) Jan 1 from Mills & Boon. More pre-order links are coming soon.

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